The Phenomenal Women of #GetSmart (Part 1)

We honor a legend and stand on her shoulders: Meet the Get Smart Summer Interns! (the first half!) "...I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me.” ~ Maya Angelou As the saddening news of the passing of the legendary Maya Angelou hit the world yesterday, it seemed fitting to use some of her soulful words [...]

Get Smart for Summer!

Summer Survival Tips for 20 Something’s! 1. Wear sunscreen.  I know, I hate it too.  But it is beyond important to protect your skin, especially if you want to be in your 60’s one day and have people asking if your daughter is actually your daughter or your sister.  Put a little SPF 15 on [...]

Get Smart and Rock that Resume

Being an almost-junior in college is nerve-racking. Are you asking yourself any of these questions? “How am I going to find a good internship?” “Will this look good on a résumé?”   “Can I even put this on a résumé?” “Wait...how do I make a résumé? “Am I even doing college right?” These are just a [...]