katieSBeing an almost-junior in college is nerve-racking. Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

“How am I going to find a good internship?”

“Will this look good on a résumé?”  

“Can I even put this on a résumé?”

“Wait…how do I make a résumé?

“Am I even doing college right?”

These are just a few of the questions that are constantly buzzing around not only my head, but the heads of my friends as well. As this semester comes to a close I can confidently say that I am beginning to understand what I need to do during my collegiate years to pave the way for a successful future. There are two things I believe are key to becoming successful both in and out of college:


Cliche?..let me explain!

I can tell you to go out and join a million clubs and organizations, but having your name on a roster isn’t enough! Before you run to pottery club consider the following…

1. Sit down with yourself and assess just how badly you want to be successful.

2. After sitting down and being real with yourself if you feel motivated enough go out and find one or two organizations you are passionate about.

3. Don’t look at an organization and say to yourself, “Hmmm, Art Club, I like art… I guess. I doodle on my notes in class, that’s art.” That’s the easy way out and will get you nowhere.

4. You’re going to need real die-hard passion about this organization.

Maybe Greek life is what you’re passionate about, look at their philanthropies (that’s what got me!), look at Student Government, or maybe Art Club is something you are passionate about. Basically what you’ve got to realize is that if you don’t really care about it will become a chore, and neither of us want that.

Now what?

Mentors Make Things HappenAnyway, congratulations you’ve joined a great organization that you’re passionate about! Time to use the passion for your organization, and some motivation, to work hard to better this organization. Personally I have felt an incredible about of passion for my sorority since day one and have used that, along with motivation to take on huge positions in order to represent my organization in a great way, help to keep moving the organization in a positive direction, and overall just be very involved. You can be the same way too! You may not be the type of person to take on huge responsibilities but stepping up even a little bit is what will help you now, and in the future.

More than the resume…

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailSure you can put all of this on a résumé, and that is the gateway to being successful post college. However, the bonds you will make and the experiences you will have is what will ultimately project you into a successful career. Learning how to deal with other people, and dealing with the stressors of holding a position (no matter how big or small), having passion, and motivation are keys that I know anyone would want an employee to have. To sum it all up, be passionate about what you decide to be involved in, through your passion you will find it easy to be motivated in whatever you do to better that organization, and in the end the lessons you learn form that will be more that enough to propel you into a successful career!

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