A Get Smart Girl’s Long Journey to Self Confidence

As a child, I lacked self confidence. I was so unsure of myself and my appearance. I was skinny, wore glasses and a brace for my spine. Every day I endured kids calling me ugly, skinny and four eyes. My childhood and teenage years were the absolute worst! Along with a lack of self confidence, I [...]

Meet the new Get Smart GAME CHANGERS!

As a 30-something woman I still can get as ridiculously excited as a 4 year old child. And if there was anything to jump up and down about it's how, in about two weeks, Get Smart has reached young women all across this country and attracted a team of 11 virtual (and some in person) [...]

Conquering The College Essay 101

When I was a senior in high school  - the college process had officially taken over my life! With applying to college comes applications, recommendations, and of course a remarkable essay. As I approached writing my essay to say I am stressed would be an understatement. To me the most important part when it comes [...]

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Empowered Women Get Smart about Guys

Workplace inequality is no joke. Each day a women wakes up, she is facing a history that is bigger than all of us. Since basically the dawn of time women and men have not been on equal footing when it comes to both leadership roles and salary. While things have improved in recent decades women [...]