About Lexi Ioannou

Lexi is a 17 year old high school student trying to find her path in life. In the Fall of 2013 she will be a senior and hope to study psychology in college. She has a passion for making a difference and thrives off of others' positive energy. You can always count on Lexi for the best advice and honesty is her best attribute. We are all on our own spiritual journey and she believes if everyone works together we can create a world beyond divine. Lets do this!

Conquering The College Essay 101

When I was a senior in high school  - the college process had officially taken over my life! With applying to college comes applications, recommendations, and of course a remarkable essay. As I approached writing my essay to say I am stressed would be an understatement. To me the most important part when it comes [...]

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A Get Smart College Journey: Preparing Mentally & Spiritually for CHANGE!

As some of you may know come this fall I will start my journey as a New York City college student! Currently I am going through the process of mentally preparing for this big change in my life. I'm trying my best to not allow my anxiety to take over my college experience. There are [...]

Get SMART with Project Ladybug on 11/11/13!

As some of you may know my mother, Dina Manzo, started her own non-profit foundation in 2007, Project Ladybug, to help children suffering with cancer. It’s a foundation very dear to my heart and I am extremely passionate about raising as much money as possible for these children. Through my volunteering with Project Ladybug I [...]

Veggin’ Out: Is it for you?

As many of you may know the ratio of carnivores vs. herbivores in the world today is extreme. Majority of the world’s population chooses to be meat eaters for any number of diverse reasons.  Whether it has to do with loving the taste of meat, being raised without exposure to any other option, thinking vegetarianism is [...]

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Rescuing Hampton: A “Tail” of Love!

Hampton before When it comes to making a difference it's important to keep in mind that kindness is not limited to human beings. This week on my Hamptons vacation I have a special visitor...a four-legged dog named Hampton! Last year my cousins, Mike and Megan, came to visit my shore house in Sag [...]

Notice the Signs!

Lexi ~ Our Teen Inspiration Guru Hi all! For my blog this week I was planning on picking a quote that inspired me... but then of course I experienced major writers block. While stressing all day trying to organize my thoughts into words I randomly decided to look to my horoscope for some [...]

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Here’s Lexi ~ Our everyday teen inspiration guru!

Hi! My name is Lexi , I am a 17 year old high school student trying to find my path in life. Next year I will be a senior and hope to study psychology in college. I have a passion for making a difference and thrive off of others positive energy. You can always count [...]

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