About Shreya Attavar

Shreya is a post graduate student pursuing her MBA in fashion retail and merchandise at Vogue Institute of Fashion in Bangalore. Having lived with family most her life, Shreya moved to Bangalore with the hope to find herself and experience life as it is. She loves to read and get engrossed in a book. Shreya believes that a woman can achieve milestones once she sets her heart to it. Writing being her best form of expression, she was inspired to intern at Get Smart and hopes her work inspires more women around the world.

Unplug Love: How to Disconnect to Find the One

"And I'd give up forever to touch you Cause I know that you feel me somehow You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be And I don't wanna go home right now" These are lyrics to one of my favorite songs of all times, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. It was written for the [...]

Give to Get Smart from Shreya Attavar

Shreya Attavar, 22 years old, VIFT Bangalore. I am so grateful to my friend who told me about Get Smart Mentoring and thought I should give it a try. It has helped me in so many more ways than I knew it would. After a long break from blogging because of my insecurities and fears [...]

Eight Simple Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

In today's fast moving world, we barely have any time to stop and breathe. We're constantly on the run to achieve our goals. And in the process, might even forget to take care of ourselves or look after ourselves like we should. I, sometimes, end up skipping meals and workouts and giving up on sleep [...]

How to Dress to Impress for a Job Interview

A first impression is the last impression. It is instant and takes a few seconds for a complete stranger to formulate a positive or negative opinion of you based solely on your appearance. People don’t necessarily notice when you’re well put together, but they definitely notice when you’re not. If you’re a movie buff like [...]

Find, Know, and Embrace Yourself

Sitting in my cozy corner in my favorite donut shop, sipping on hot chocolate and munching a double chocolate cake donut, I stop for a second and appreciate all of the people around me doing the same. There are the love birds, giggling and feeding each other (who does that?). Hiding behind my laptop screen, [...]

Head’s Up: Feminism Needs You!

Have you ever wondered why women are called “victims” of rape? Or why rape education seems to be targeted more toward women than men? Why is blue a stereotypically masculine color and pink, feminine? How can colors have genders? Why women are paid 77 cents while a man is paid a dollar for the same [...]

Do I Have to Grow Up?

I’ve spent the last few months thinking about adulthood and growing up. Not about growing older because, let’s face it, time is something we can’t freeze or put a “pause” and “resume” button on. The actual act of growing up, being an adult and making mature decisions -- how do you know you’re ready to [...]