There’s Nothing Wrong With Selfishness

  Selfish (adjective): (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.   Selfishness has always had a negative connotation. When someone is being selfish, they have no concern for anyone but themself. We are always told to think about everyone else’s feelings because we [...]

Perfect Not Perfect

  There is a notion that everyone everywhere has to be perfect with their actions, and the way they deal with everything emotionally and physically. For instance, being a woman, I am expected to make a “perfect” meal and dress up with my hair not frizzy and out--it's natural texture. In comparison, guys are told they [...]

Cutting Out Toxic Relationships

Healthy relationships are a fundamental part of finding happiness and stability in one’s life. Oftentimes, people find themselves believing that the relationships they currently have are either the best they deserve or the best could ever obtain. Some people also feel that the longer a person is in their life, the more critical maintaining a [...]

A Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom, Mother’s Day is coming up and I can’t help but to think about how much I love you, not only on that day, but also on every other day of the year. Your selflessness has never failed to get me through anything and everything and, for that, I can’t thank you enough. Thank [...]

A Letter to My Future Daughter Re: College

My most precious blessing, My love, here it is. The time you’ve so anxiously been waiting for these last few years is now upon you. Your college experience is about to begin and I know just how excited you are. But first, let me give you some advice. Sleep: I know just how sociable you [...]

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Lessons Learned from Dating My Best Friend

I met Max my freshman year of high school, when I was 14. However, we didn’t start dating until I was 19. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but we started spending more and more time together, then time alone. Then hours on end with this kid had me thinking I didn’t want to [...]

Get Smart: What is Happiness to You?

Happiness. It is defined by Google as “the state of being happy.” I know reading this on an inspirational blogging/vlogging, site you’re probably thinking, “Oh great, another happiness speech going on and on about how happiness isn’t bought with money or blah blah blah.” And I don’t blame you; I feel the same way. But [...]

Are you “Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely at the Same Time”?

I’ve read a few things recently that affirm I am not the only one feeling like, “Geeze, Louise! Being a young 20-something is kind of hard!” On top of figuring out how I am going to pay rent next month, while still attempting to have some sort of fashion sense and have fun…oh, and eat, [...]

Lost in the “Real World”? Get Smart and Find Your Calling

In talking to many of my friends, who have recently graduated from college as I have, it seems like life has become vastly different than it was a year or two ago. Some of us are sitting behind computer screens, working 9-5 (or, more realistically, 8-8). Some of us are running from field work to [...]