There is a notion that everyone everywhere has to be perfect with their actions, and the way they deal with everything emotionally and physically.


For instance, being a woman, I am expected to make a “perfect” meal and dress up with my hair not frizzy and out–it’s natural texture. In comparison, guys are told they have to “man up”, meaning no crying, and showing no’weakness’. I am here to say no one is perfect. We are humans, not robots. If we did act like robots then my nightmares of iRobot coming true have indeed came true.


Perfect Not Perfect came from the notion of sorry not sorry. We should never be sorry for how our body reacts to things that upset us. And we should never be sorry for not being perfect.


So how do we break these perfections?


We break them by saying that we are all human. We mess up, we fail, and we get our hearts broken. The greatest mistake we can make is believing that we can never fail in any area, that we must always be perfect and that nothing can break us down.


Perfection means doing everything spotlessly, and it can be reflected in ways in which we say things. For instance, we have all been in situations where we mistakenly say something that we regret later on. And the truth is that we can’t stop how we feel; but we can control it. No worries, more explanation is below.  


Controlling your emotions, doesn’t mean having perfect reactions: Controlling means knowing how to use angry, sad, or stressed energy. We should learn how to deal with what’s happening by speaking about it to other people or writing it down. When we have reached a state of dealing, next would be to take all of this energy and make it positive. Whatever brings you joy in your life, aim your energy in that direction.


The next time you feel that you must all perfect in every aspect of your life, Remember: #PerfectNotPerfect


We can be just like our percentages on phones, laptops and electric cars; we don’t always have to be 100%.