#GetSmartNOW: Amanda Gets Smart about loving her body.

When I begin to think of things I like about my body, nothing particularly stands out at first. My hair is okay, it's always been a pretty color. My ears are small, but cute I think. Nothing particularly stands out, until I begin to think of all the things my body can do. Then, my [...]

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#GetSmartNOW #4TheWorldWeekend $10 challenge!!

Giving back makes your heart happy. Get Smart Mentoring is committed to teaching young women of all ages that giving back goes a long way. Our mission is to develop authentic compassionate leaders who are aware of the world around them. This fall Get Smart launched its in-school mentoring community programming and began to work [...]

#GetSmartNOW Balance Challenge — Final Week 3!

Small Stuff, Giant Difference! The race is on to the finish line of 2013. You've got a few more days to add some sparkle to this year and go out in style! This week's action bring gratitude, acknowledgement, healing, and generosity into your life and the world around you. Remember you don't have to do [...]

#GetSmartNOW #4OthersThursday: Let it OUT!

Let it OUT! A lot of stress in people’s lives comes from the frustrations of having broken relationships with family, friends, or significant others.  The first instinct is to bottle up all of your feelings until you explode.  My advice to everyone dealing with a broken relationship is to just let it all out.  Write [...]

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3 Ways to Be Happy – Instantly

Gratitude.... ...Not an easy thing to come by in 2013. It's an even harder thing to come by living in the suburbs of one of the most affluent cities in the world. It's looked over big time - not even looked over- full out ignored: by society, our parents, our peers. I know you've heard [...]

#GetSmartNow challenge #4TheWorldWeekend – 40 ways to PIF!

40 ways to LOVE it UP this December...or whenever! This holiday season and throughout the new year RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS feed your soul. RAKtivists unite! Challenge yourself to be a star thrower in someone else’s life by sharing a simple, selfless act to help or encourage another person, with no reason other than to [...]

#4UTuesday: Feed your SOUL!

1 AM The Word document is still blank. It’s been an hour and a half, and you’ve done everything but start typing. You scroll through a day’s worth of Facebook statuses, and learn that Kevin ran two miles during his lunch break using his new Nike thingamajig, and Danielle can’t wait to come home to [...]

#GetSmartNOW week 2 Balance Challenge!

Get Smart Gals are Blazing a Trail to 2014! Week 1 was a huge success and we thank so many of you for commenting and messaging us about how inspired you are to greet 2014 already AWESOME. New Year's Resolutions are hard to keep because they are not always realistic or balanced. They put undue [...]

Introducing Clare: because figuring it all out could be the best part!

Hi! My name’s Clare and I am so excited to be a new Get Smart blogger! As a 20-something working girl striving to figure out my place in this big ol’ world, I know how challenging it can be to navigate the college years and journey to adulthood (does anyone actually feel like they ever [...]

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#GetSmartNOW Balance Challenge #4LifeWellnessWednesday: Try a new recipe!

Hello lovely people Are you looking to GET SMART(er) about what you put into your body? As part of my #GetSmartNOW Balance Challenge, one of the feelings I’d like to achieve in 2014 is healthy. How do I plan on doing so? By nourishing my body with what it needs! Feeling good depends a great [...]