Get Smart Gals are Blazing a Trail to 2014!

getsmartweek2Week 1 was a huge success and we thank so many of you for commenting and messaging us about how inspired you are to greet 2014 already AWESOME.

New Year’s Resolutions are hard to keep because they are not always realistic or balanced. They put undue pressure on us to produce things we think we SHOULD do or be, rather than things that move us.

Small acts of generousity towards yourself, your body, your relationships and your world create a virtual vision board of good energy weaving your week together. The tapestry of week 2 takes you all over the map to read, cook, re-connect, and surprise a stranger! (Well be careful with that one!).

If you are doing the challenge, please comment on our Facebook posts to tell us what you are up to and tweet out using #GetSmartNOW! Inspire others to take the challenge.

REMEMBER you don’t have to DO EVERYTHING!

Stop the perfectionism, its so 2010. Even if you take on one action — acknowledge yourself for the effort. Didn’t do it last week? So what? Try this week instead. Share it with friends! Whatever you can take on – do it. The more action you take on, the more great positivity you add your life and this impacts your ENTIRE LIFE and the lives of those around you.

Don’t forget about the cool stuff!

We want to hear from you — the most inspiring story or video will win a cool box of free stuff to help you start off the new year BALANCED!

Deadline for video submission: Saturday 12/21 at midnight EST. Inbox us your 4 minute max video right to our Get Smart Mentoring FB page. It doesn’t have to be perfect — we’ll clean it up! Subscribe to our weekly emails for extra tips and cool stuff!

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