Clare G_Get SmartHi! My name’s Clare and I am so excited to be a new Get Smart blogger! As a 20-something working girl striving to figure out my place in this big ol’ world, I know how challenging it can be to navigate the college years and journey to adulthood (does anyone actually feel like they ever really “grow up??”).


Since childhood, we have all envisioned huge, detailed plans for our lives to help us live out our potential as gifted human beings. With these hopes and dreams comes the pressure to make them happen. Immediately. On our perfect, completely controlled timetable. The uncertainty of these years [at least for most of us] can be daunting.


We live in regret of yesterday, and anxiety of tomorrow, when we should be living in the present, making the most of our TODAY. At least that’s what I tell myself to cast away fears that only exist to rob us of joy (which isn’t cool, so they can just go away).


I’m here to tell you to STOP WORRYING! You are exactly where you are meant to be. Right now. Stop trying to control the future because it won’t work out the way you’re planning. Instead, it will be out of your control, and in being so, completely wonderful and imperfectly perfect – so enjoy the ride. Do more of what you love today. Find your passion and follow where it leads. Be authentic, live in the present and serve others. You are so uniquely gifted beyond belief that by using your gifts for the good of others today, you will pave your path to tomorrow.


Every day, not only in your teens and 20s, is an opportunity for you to learn and grow. You shouldn’t have it figured all out now – because the journey of discovering yourself could really be the best part.

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And remember: “Don’t quit your daydream, don’t forget to breathe, who you want to be is only up to you… It’s so worth the trials that you’re going through, so just enjoy the fall and you’ll land right where you want to.” – Tori Kelly, ‘Daydream