A Get Smart Gal salutes her Grandpa!

He’s the type of guy who will be wedged under the carriage of your car in a blizzard to fix it so you’ll make it to work on time. He’s the type of guy who regularly goes over to his elderly neighbors’ to simply spend time and share a cup of coffee. He’s the type [...]

A Get Smart Guy: A Hero’s Journey Fighting Cancer

One of the reason’s I love Facebook is that has truly connected me with wonderful people in my past. Before I was a Get Smart mentor, I babysat three great kids, all children of an amazing woman named Ellice whom I reconnected with on Facebook a few years ago. Ellice is a burst of sunshine, [...]

Men of Compassion: As told by a #GetSmartGuy!

We at Get Smart are proud to introduce you to our first "Get Smart Guy!" We asked Tom to share about the stereotype of men being insensitive or needing to present a certain "strong" front. Tom shares his authentic compassionate leadership in the world by being a man of character in many ways! The Stereotype [...]

Why a trip to Panera broke my heart

Setting the Scene There I was all settled with my "you pick 2" in my favorite self-declared free office space. Living next door to a Panera is a blessing and a curse. On this day, it lived up to its paradoxical existence. While sitting with my laptop, notebooks, and mediterranean veggie sandwich I was JUST [...]

Get Smart: Be your own boss?

Guest blogger Erika Rachel is a full time artist, spanning her career between her hometown of Milford NJ and the big cities that surround her (NYC and Philadelphia). She shares her story and journey in the hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams and appreciate the creative process. Is Entrepreneurship for you? We all [...]

#NoFear14 A Get Smart Gal Takes on Fear: Part 2

.....well it's still 2014 and I am still kicking fear to the curb! Here are a few more ways I'm trying on! Get a hobby, girl. I was never really one for hobbies, but sometimes immersing yourself into a project can boost your confidence and take your mind off other things. Find something completely unrelated [...]

A Teen’s View: Why its great to have (boy) friends!

Girls often question themselves by thinking it’s not okay to have a guy who is just a friend. I think it’s great when you have a guy friend, sometimes. Guy best friends because usually hate drama which is such a RELIEF! (unless that’s all they feed off of, remember, its high school). I’ve had guy [...]

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The Great Debate: Men and Women – Pals?

  College and 20Something-dom can be a tricky place to navigate friendships with guys. Having gone to school in the South, for the most part girls are looking for their MRS, and the guys… well let’s just say they sought out something a little more casual. In college, it seems that everyone is a “potential [...]

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The Get Smart GUY: We are NOT afraid to go there! #nofear14

How it all started.... It was summer 2013 and I was embarking on a brand new life! I had just started Get Smart Mentoring with my former student, Alexa Maniaci and began my first job as an internal consultant. Life has a way of bringing you the right minds and hearts at exactly the right [...]