cassie.jpgGirls often question themselves by thinking it’s not okay to have a guy who is just a friend. I think it’s great when you have a guy friend, sometimes. Guy best friends because usually hate drama which is such a RELIEF! (unless that’s all they feed off of, remember, its high school).

I’ve had guy friends who were literally my brothers. I could tell them anything and I could trust them and they are still my friends today! On the other hand, I’ve had my fair share of bad guy friends who didn’t treat me with respect. I’ve learned to separate myself from the ones that don’t and rely on the ones that do.

I think having a lot of guy friends is fun! Who minds having a few extra people in my life who treat me with respect and would take a bullet for me? People might be rude and think you are different or even be jealous.  Do what makes you happy! The people who are bothered don’t matter and they won’t matter especially after high school.

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5 Signs you have a GREAT Guy Friend!

  • 1. He treats you with the respect you deserve– if he doesn’t respect your decisions or you have to continuously tell him to stop talking/doing something that hurts your feelings, bye bye.
  • 2. He’s pretty much like a girl, besides the fact that he is a boy!– As weird as it sounds, he should be like one gal pals, except that he doesn’t put drama into your life.
  • 3. He stays true.– He doesn’t go around talking about you behind your back.
  • 4. It’s NOT awkward– It should be like a normal friendship is. He shouldn’t be trying to pull a “move” on you because that means he wants something else.
  • 5. There’s basically NO drama­- Did I make it clear? NO drama. You have enough stress with looking towards college, grades, sports, parents and more. You don’t need this extra drama in your life! He adds FUN and RELAXATION to friendship.
  • Friendship is the best place to start!

Even though its not the point, and it might sound weird, but one of your guy friends could turn out to be someone you date. It might sound “icky” and you probably sound like a four year old again saying “ew cooties,” but as much as you think he’s like a brother to you, he could actually be a pretty good partner. I mean he knows a lot about you anyway and he treats you the way a guy should treat a women. Now I’m not saying go and find as many guy friends as you can and one of them WILL be your husband!. Just let it take its course, if it happens it happens. It doesn’t mean you have to go searching for a boyfriend/husband in your guy friends, just have fun. Remember, you are in high school; you have a while to think about a serious relationship. Either way, learning how to have men as friends is a great skill to practice now. You will be working and living around both sexes forever so best befriend them both!

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