#RealSelfie anyone?

As I was getting ready to go out this past Friday night, I noticed that I spent some time preparing my hair, makeup, etc. While heading out for the evening my male counterpart needed to do only one thing: put on a light jacket (it WAS after all April 25th if you get the reference!). [...]

#GetSmart & #GetBalance!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha The more things change, the more they stay the same, Buddha.  Fast forward to 2014 and mental and physical wellness are equally, if not more important now as it was in [...]

Spring Cleaning: Career Journey Tips for Young Women!

When it comes to education and the pressure of finding a job, we have all heard the phrases consisting of the words “flipping burgers”—most involving negative connotations.  Nothing irks me more!  Here’s why: Whoever may be flipping burgers, so what?  At least they are working.  It’s hard enough to figure out your place in the [...]

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Working your HEART out: Get Smart about the career journey!

I really dislike when people ask: “What do you want to do?” Working with college freshmen, I have learned this question could be a touchy subject. Most answer, “Well my parents want me to do ‘x’ , but I really want to do ‘y’….and… I'm not really sure.” I decided to rephrase this question, and [...]

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“Roller Coaster-ing” to Leadership Success

by guest blogger Nicole Gittleman Leadership is a roller coaster. Life is a roller coaster. Just when you feel comfortable moving ahead…BAM! You’re dropping 40 feet downwards, making a hard right turn, and then flying back up 100 feet into the sky. So strap in, because just like a roller coaster, leadership is for sure [...]

Fast & Fabulous: Get Smart Gals Leading the Way!

This week is just FULL of awesome leadership  explosions!! Part of our commitment is highlighting a style of leadership that is marked by AUTHENTICITY and COMPASSION. We strive to help every young woman to find the leader within herself  while recognizing the leader in both the women and men they interact with each day. We [...]