As I was getting ready to go out this past Friday night, I noticed that I spent some time preparing my hair, makeup, etc. While heading out for the evening my male counterpart needed to do only one thing: put on a light jacket (it WAS after all April 25th if you get the reference!). Now I am not about to whine about this. If there is anything I can’t stand about women’s empowerment it’s whining about how we what men have that we don’t have. Perpetuating victimhood is rather disempowering.

If we believe all those floating inspiring quotes we see each day, we know that no one can take any power away, especially since it is innately ours to begin with. Some things are about gender equality, and some things  are not. Wise are those who know the difference. No one was FORCING me to do what I was doing, I was choosing to put makeup on and straighten my hair.

I simply decided to observe my own behavior. What the heck was I doing to get ready to go out and why? I do like to think about why people do the things that they do. It’s rather cliché, but we have been fed (both MEN and WOMEN) about what is beautiful. BOTH sexes have bought into it and we need to step up and own that.

The morning after….

Get Smart Gal Ashley

Get Smart Gal Ashley

The next  morning I awoke and decided to post a makeup free selfie. I quickly messaged a tribe of Get Smart gals and asked them if they’d be willing to send me a totally natural selfie for posting in this article. Within 48 hours I had 1o willing participants willing to go au natural. Ashley (see left!) even sent a cool testimonial that she gave me to go ahead to use: “Here I am sans makeup. Makeup has definitely become my crutch in feeling or thinking that I’m attractive or worth.  However, I’m actually not bad at all without it.”


Why Selfie, Why?

There’s been much media attention about WHY we post selfies. Interestingly enough an article from psychology today is directed towards mostly youth. This might be totally appropriate however most of my Facebook friends are not 17. They are in their 30’s ranging into their 50’s and they post selfies as well. And YES, I am guilty as charged. As I read the article about selfies I noticed a challenge to look at how you feel when you take them. I tend to take them when I am really feeling good inside and out. Sometimes I want  to celebrate that cool moment so I take one.

One thing the author did note:

“Humans are hard-wired to pay attention to looks and continually make both upward and downward comparisons.  Social comparison is not a moral failing or an indication of misplaced values.  It is normal behavior. But it’s all about balance.” – Pamela B. Rutledge, Ph.D., M.B.A.

#RealSelfie Challenge!

Real life #GetSmart Gals #RealSelfie

Real life #GetSmart Gals #RealSelfie

It’s all about BALANCE. So it would be silly for me to say “Stop taking selfies!” I think the WHY of posting the selfie is key. If you notice that you aren’t feeling great about yourself physically, its super important to pause for a minute before TRYING to feel good through posting an image you hope will get a boatload of likes. Check out the article linked above but remember these few key things:


  1. Before there was social media there was beauty. Beauty is like love and cannot be defined by the picture you post or who comments on it.
  2. “Likes” mean nothing about your inner worth. Sure it is nice when people compliment us, but the only like that makes a difference is your own
  3. Collage2Take the #realselfie Get Smart Challenge when you are feeling beautiful from within. Snap one and then challenge your friends to do the same by posting: “#getsmart and take a #realselfie. Today I am feeling _______.” Take one to celebrate something you feel inside rather than how you LOOK. Let your eyes and smile radiate something TRULY beautiful


I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! #getsmart #realselfie #nofilter


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