“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha

Yoga On Mandala BackgroundThe more things change, the more they stay the same, Buddha.  Fast forward to 2014 and mental and physical wellness are equally, if not more important now as it was in 500 BCE.  There is such a greater demand on our time and 24 hours in the day for some just never seems like enough.  Therefore, it is of utmost important to find the right balance for your own space.  Our bodies are such amazing machines that continually astound doctors and scientists alike by what we are truly capable of achieving when firing on all cylinders.  Unfortunately, most of us tend to get stuck in ruts and are lucky to make it through the first few hours of work on one or ten cups of coffee.

Never fear or better yet, #nofear14! I’m here to remind you the key is to not get stressed in trying to figure out a better or more efficient way of excelling through your day.  If you make the time for what or more importantly, who is important (i.e. YOU!), your self will respond in a way like you never thought possible.

Where do we go from here?

SeanKAs a fitness expert and life coach, I’m responsible to draw out the best out in my clients.  Countless times I have been in situations where individual’s energy levels were low because of any number of factors (lack of sleep, poor eating, personal or professional issues) By the time the workouts were over, my clients were overjoyed about how good they felt. They were glad that they didn’t let their issues get the best of them and they were ready to take on whatever was next.



be here now reminderBE PRESENT.  Present to most means to be in attendance which is absolutely true.  That is only half of it.  BE MENTALLY CHECKED IN to whatever task you are trying to accomplish.  I have been around women all of my life and trained at an all women facility for over a year. One thing I know is that  many of you are fantastic multi-taskers. While trying to do something for yourself, like exercise, you are trying to schedule all the other things that need to be done by day’s end.  I can assure you that when your session has ended, you will most likely not even know what you did and not reap the benefits of YOU TIME.

Way to BE!

So here are five simple ways to BE, (a “present” if you will!) that will allow you to find the balance you are seeking.  Be present and your body will follow whatever your mind tells it to do.  The stronger your will and desire, the more able your body will find the strength to push forward.  You have to be all in to get all the results. Life will be waiting for you when you are done! Here are some suggestions that can invigorate your day so you become the accomplished, kick-ass, super woman you know you are!

  1. BE CLEAR: Whatever you decide to do to create balance or YOU TIME, make sure your schedule is clear to do it. Tell whoever you have to that you’ll be unavailable and manage your time accordingly. YOU own your schedule, it does not own you!
  2. BE BALANCED: Learn when to step away from your phone, laptop, desktop, IPad, Blackberry (am I forgetting anything?) and say I need a break.  Like my dad always said to me after getting frustrated from studying, take a five minute break every 30 minutes so your mind can stay fresh and retain more.  I still employ that method to this day and it works wonders!
  3. BE SHARP: To stay sharp doesn’t mean you need to go run a marathon, it just means you have to find a way to be active. Take the stairs over the elevator. Park far away from your destination and walk it up! Use the company or school gym or close the door to your spacious corner office to do some planks or jumping jacks.  Five to ten minutes of activity a few times a day is nearly the same as 30 minutes of consistent exercise.
  4. BE HEALTHY: Feed your body and you will feed your mind.  Food is information and by giving your body the highest quality information, your mind will respond by operating at the most efficient levels.
  5. BE CONSISTENT: There is only one of you and only you know what works best.  Do yourself a favor and repeat healthy actions until they become habits

Knowledge is power and you can only increase that power when your machine is going full speed ahead.  In order to do that, we all should heed the words of Buddha because it is our personal duty to be the best self we can.  You are the CEO and planner of your future.  Invest in your health and wellness and your will receive the greatest returns!

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