andreaf.jpgWhen it comes to education and the pressure of finding a job, we have all heard the phrases consisting of the words “flipping burgers”—most involving negative connotations.  Nothing irks me more!  Here’s why: Whoever may be flipping burgers, so what?  At least they are working. 

It’s hard enough to figure out your place in the world, let alone being criticized for the path you take getting there.  I’m 25 and still have no idea where I belong.  Currently, I waitress and work temp jobs full time, but I am more than ready to figure myself out.  I remember being in grade school and heedlessly filling out a slip of paper asking us to make a list of what we wanted to be when we grew up;  I think I drew a Ninja Turtle.  If so many of us have no idea what we want now, how did anyone expect us to know this back when we were picking our noses with crayons?

Here are a few real quick and simple ideas that have helped me find a more direct career path after a treacherous long months—years of contemplating:

Take a vacation!

Beach in San Diego California(Or go to a friend’s house out of town for the weekend and leave ALL and I mean ALL, stress behind).  I really thought that my eyes were going cross from all of the reading, applying, researching, typing, etc. that I have been doing, searching for a job.  I had the opportunity to go to Key West for the weekend and I promised myself, no worrying.  Guess what? I returned to a few uplifting emails!   When you give stress attention—it gives it to you right back.


Empowered Dancer!We may be confused on what exactly it is that we want, but pretend for a second, that you could push a button and receive whatever it is at the core of your being that you hope to be.  For me, I wanted something colorful (that’s a first step, right?) I’m way too introverted to be a business woman like I thought I had wanted.  So I truly thought about what would make me happy and came to the conclusion that all I want is to be surrounded by positivity and the only way that I can guarantee that for myself (colors included) is to, one day, own my own clothing boutique that caters towards making girls feel special.  So, when I had that epiphany, the first thing I did was call my mom and tell her.  I felt silly, but, the first step to change is awareness.


Now, this is a bit more of a serious concept but, I promise it is worth it:  Going back to my comment on working; if you are working or going to school and taking classes you should be extremely proud no matter how much you’re making.  Tests, interviews and waking up early or staying up late takes self discipline.  Self discipline builds work ethic and character that surprisingly, a lot of people don’t have.  Here is a YouTube video of Ashton Kutcher (hello!) explaining exactly what I am trying to say: .

What I have been doing lately to deal with my situation is complain.  I have constantly been telling anyone and everyone under the sun how hard it has been for me.  However, I’ve been on a sort of self-reflecting spree ever since I overcame an awful breakup (which I was also able to write about for Get Smart Mentoring).  What I have realized is, basically, all complaining does is stir around the dust.  I don’t want my anger and frustration to change forms—I want it gone.  Time for some self spring cleaning!

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