This week is just FULL of awesome leadership  explosions!! Part of our commitment is highlighting a style of leadership that is marked by AUTHENTICITY and COMPASSION. We strive to help every young woman to find the leader within herself  while recognizing the leader in both the women and men they interact with each day.

We are super proud of two young women on our junior advisory board who have been ESSENTIAL in making Get Smart Mentoring a reality. This week they are taking the world by STORM!


A few weeks ago Kate Elman shared about a project that she has taken on that will knock your socks off! Kate, a special education teacher, has a huge commitment to her students by encouraging them not only to learn but to experience all that life has to offer. She’s taken it on as her personal mission rallying her students to participate in a Special Needs Spartan race on Saturday 4/12/14 co-designed by our friends at Omnes. In a few short weeks Kate has signed up 32 students to participate in this amazing inclusive race that stands for every person being able to experience CHAMPIONSHIP in mind, body, and spirit. We APPLAUD Kate for taking on this project and making it happen! To read Kate’s original article click here. For more information on the race itself at Citifield click here!



In other news, Nicole Gittleman, a junior at Sacred Heart University has just been nominated STUDENT BODY president. Nicole is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Her service oriented heart and her ability to persevere make her truly stand out. Nicole will share more in depth in a special article about the road to this accomplishment in an upcoming Get Smart article. The point is, Nicole did not become a leader overnight. She has faced ups and downs along the way and never stopped pursuing her dream of leading others. We congratulate Nicole for this awesome win and we know she will succeed in her new position!


Leadership is a way of being. It is not about banning language. A leader is true to themselves and honors a purpose greater than their own needs and emotions. A woman leader is able to do this in a positive manner with both women and men and feels no need to compare herself to anyone else. She is able. She is competent. Her power does not need to be “taken back” or gotten from the opposite sex. She owns it. She GETS SMART!