Get Smart and Believe in Yourself

With graduation getting closer and closer, most college seniors are in stress-out mode for “Well, what comes next after graduation?” Each person is different and prefers a different route; some stay home and cool off to gain energy for the job hunt, some lucky people find a job, and others continue with school at the [...]

Turning the Negative into Positive

Divorce. What do you think of when you hear the word divorce? Maybe the word relates to your family, or a friend's family. Maybe it does not relate to you at all. People automatically think of divorce in a negative sense. A broken marriage, unnecessary fighting, loss of money, and upset children are just a [...]

Get Smart: What is Happiness to You?

Happiness. It is defined by Google as “the state of being happy.” I know reading this on an inspirational blogging/vlogging, site you’re probably thinking, “Oh great, another happiness speech going on and on about how happiness isn’t bought with money or blah blah blah.” And I don’t blame you; I feel the same way. But [...]

Get Smart and Enjoy the Middle

One of the most prominent feelings that I can remember in high school was the exact moment that it ended. We swore that we wouldn't make it out alive and that those days never had to end. But then they did. Now, I am in college, and it seems like I'm never going to get [...]

The Best Dating Advice I Ever Got Was Completely Wrong

I remember sitting at home one day many years ago, watching “The Maury Show,” as I always loved to do on my free mornings. I was watching this woman cry over a man that she just found out cheated on her with more than 10 women. “God, what an idiot!” I thought to myself. She was [...]

A Rebel Against Society

Since coming to college, I’ve made many new friends. With these friendships comes all of the “get to know each other” questions. Examples of a few I’ve received the most often are: Where are you from? What’s your major? How many siblings do you have? What did you do in high school? What are your [...]