Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWith graduation getting closer and closer, most college seniors are in stress-out mode for “Well, what comes next after graduation?” Each person is different and prefers a different route; some stay home and cool off to gain energy for the job hunt, some lucky people find a job, and others continue with school at the same or different institution for a more advanced degree.

I am one of the people who has busted her butt since day one trying to make something of myself. Coming back to college after a life altering illness was not easy by any means. I interned like crazy, studied hard, and tried to have a social life all at the same time. I thought I was going to be one of those kids at home on the couch applying to jobs and being unhapUntitledpy… especially when my top choice grad school rejected me. But one day, while I was at work, I received an email that read, “I’d like to be the first to congratulate you on your acceptance into our advanced standing social work program.” Bouncing up and down in my chair, I immediately called my mom and said, “YOU’RE KID IS GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL!” Then I decided to treat myself out to a delicious dinner.

I guess the saying about hard work and determination paying off in the end is really true. If you doubt yourself, listen to your family, friends, and mentors who believe in you wholeheartedly. But, most importantly, believe in yourself! In life we are our own worst enemies believing in ourselves in good times and doubting ourselves when life gets rough.


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