About Sarah Dawidowicz

Sarah Dawidowicz is a Jersey girl born and raised, and now goes to Ramapo College of NJ. She first started college at Sacred Heart University but due to health circumstances she had to take time off of school. Due to recent experience, she changed her major to social work because she wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Always remember, Go for Gold and achieve your dreams.

Get Smart and Believe in Yourself

With graduation getting closer and closer, most college seniors are in stress-out mode for “Well, what comes next after graduation?” Each person is different and prefers a different route; some stay home and cool off to gain energy for the job hunt, some lucky people find a job, and others continue with school at the [...]

Take the Giving Tuesday Challenge with Sarah

Giving Tuesday is around to give back to charities: businesses, communities, non-profits, and the list could to on. It is a day to give back and promote something that’s around for a given purpose. A huge part of Get Smart is the mentoring experience. This being my second semester with Get Smart, I have been [...]

How to Rock an Internship

When finding an internship, try to find one in your field, to get experience for the “real world.” Also try to find one in which you’re actually interested; the more you want to work there, the more fun you will have and the more you will learn. When interning, you never know where it could lead, or [...]

Halloween Fun!

The weekend of Halloween is a weekend anybody of any age looks forward too. It’s a weekend filled of candy, all things pumpkin related, friends, scary movies and costumes. Here’s a list of some of the hallmark (must do) things during Halloween week and throughout the weekend: Pumpkin Picking/Carving: This is a great way to [...]

The Secret to a Great Summer

After months of hard work, classes, projects, tests, and studying, the school year for college students is coming to a close! Many students have to decide whether they want to reside at their shore houses, take summer classes, or find a job. To me, a summer job is about doing something enjoyable that would not [...]

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Give to Get Smart from Sarah Dawidowicz

Sarah Dawidowicz, 22 years old, Ramapo College of NJ. I am honestly going to miss being an intern and part of the Get Smart Intern team!  It has taught me so much, like how grateful I am for all my opportunities, or how everyone goes through a similar situation.  I also get the opportunity to [...]

Finals Frenzy

Finals week haunts every student's mind, especially as it comes closer. Once May hits, so does all of the work, and end-of-year parties or events. There is usually a lot of school work that students push off while looking forward to formals, proms, and vacation. By putting off all the work, students can become more [...]

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Technology Takeover: How to Make Summer More Enjoyable

As I grow older, I notice that technology has become a much bigger presence than it ever was when I was growing up. Now, children at younger ages are more addicted to technology, and would rather be inside on an iPad instead of being active. Try to go a day or more without your phones [...]


Relay for Life happens at most universities, and in most towns once a year!  It is a night where people come together for a common cause: To help end cancer!  The worst sentence a person could hear in their lives is, “You have a cancer,” whether its themselves, or a loved one.  The fight for [...]

Transfer Troubles and Tips

Changing schools isn’t easy, no matter the circumstances or situation.  Some students transfer due to the environment of the school, the need to be closer to home, sports teams, or their school may not have a major or minor they’d like to explore. As for myself, due to health circumstances, I had to transfer from [...]

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