Get Smart: Studying Abroad with Panic Disorder

My sophomore year of college didn’t start the way I expected it to. I arrived on campus, ready to jump back into the same routine I had freshman year: go to class, meet a friend for a meal, do homework, go to the gym, attend sorority meetings and other extracurriculars, go to bed, and repeat. [...]

Get Smart: How to Kill a Job Interview

So graduation is a mere few months away. You’re suddenly realizing that you need to land that job that will pay rent, considering your parents will be cutting you off the minute your hand grabs that diploma. In order to get that job, you need to go through at least two or three interviews. Here [...]

Lend Them Your Ears: Tips for Effective Communication

The act of listening is something that many people think of like breathing: innate, automatic. However, to listen well is a skill, and a powerful tool. What a world we would live in if everyone truly knew how to listen. As human beings, we all want and need to be heard and understood. Think about [...]

Get Smart & Learn to be Different

Growing up, I questioned my "stupidity." I felt dumb and embarrassed. I couldn’t understand why I was still reading through the instructions when my classmates were already halfway done with the actual assignment. I couldn’t fathom why my classmates would voluntarily read out loud in front of the class at times when it wasn’t even [...]

Greek Life Changed Me for the Better

When I started looking at colleges in my junior year of high school, I was looking for only a few things: small class sizes, lots of extracurricular activities, community service options, and a club and intramural sports program. I was not considering Greek Life much because I didn’t know many older friends involved in it [...]

Law of Opposites: Finding Empowerment in the Dark

Very long story short, in my senior year of high school, my entire life changed. Had you asked me then, I’d say it was changing for the worse. Today, four years later, I have learned that it actually changed for the better. As the life I had known and loved was crashing before me, my [...]

Get the Feel of This

Artificial intelligence may be imminent, but that doesn’t mean we need to start acting like robots now. Power and leadership seem to go hand in hand with lack of emotion, or coolness. The idea of “if you show how much it bothers you, you look vulnerable and you lose,” is prominent in the work force. [...]

A Letter to My 25-year-Old Self

Dear Steph, As I approach 40, I want to tell you some important things. So, you see, life may not exactly turn out exactly as you thought it would. You know all those timelines and "supposed to's"? It's safe to throw them away. There isn't much I can protect you from right now but I [...]

10 Ways to Cope with Stress Without the Mess

It’s Midterm week, Spring break is around the corner, and an enormous weight has been placed on my shoulders once again. With so many errands to run, so much material to learn, and so much sleep to catch up on, it seems rather impossible to get through the week acting like myself. I am stressed [...]

Lessons Learned from Dating My Best Friend

I met Max my freshman year of high school, when I was 14. However, we didn’t start dating until I was 19. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but we started spending more and more time together, then time alone. Then hours on end with this kid had me thinking I didn’t want to [...]