About Kate Elman

Kate has been a special education teacher of students with Autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders in New Jersey schools since 2010. She recently took up a new teaching position at a private school for students with special needs. She has a degree in Psychology/Special Education with a minor in Mathematics from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. She currently attends graduate school at Montclair State University in NJ and is taking classes in the Educational Administration program to further her career as a school leader. Kate has always sought out leadership roles throughout her life and sees herself becoming a Director of Special Education of a school district to personally make sure all students with disabilities receive the services they need and deserve. Kate is also on a second journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Her motto is, “It’s not worth it, but you are <3” and encourages everyone to live by these words each day. If you would like to talk to Kate (about anything!), send her a message at kateelman@gmail.com. She looks forward to hearing from her readers!

Get Smart and be a CHAMPION!

So we meet again, fellow Get Smarters!  Today I write to you to talk about two of my passions and how I have been able to bring these areas of my life together for the good of others (and a little for myself too!). Doing what I HEART! The career path that I have chosen [...]

Hi. My name is Kate and I’m a Foodaholic.

Ok, I’m not really addicted to food- wait… yes, yes I am.  I love food.  Way more than the average person (I know for a fact!).  I wish I didn’t love food so much, but I do, so I have to deal with it. During the holidays I kind of lost sight of my goals [...]

Get Smart Gal Kate Gets REAL

Okay, let's #getreal... A few months ago, I wrote an article about creating healthy habits by establishing day-to-day routines.   When I wrote that article, I was on “health high” and I was just feeling great.  I was in a good, fitspirational place. Today I write to be real and admit- SPOILER ALERT: it’s not always [...]

Get SMART Habits for Healthy Eating!

When you hear the word “habit”, you most likely think about the bad ones.. biting your nails, devouring an entire sleeve (or two) of oreos, or checking your texts/email/twitter/instagram/ Facebook every 5 minutes (yeah, I know you…).  But a Get Smart Gal knows that the key to staying on track to live a healthy lifestyle is [...]

“So..um…I ate this cookie…$%#@!”

Have you ever had one of those days… when you were stressing, running all over the place, “multitasking”… and you just grabbed & ate everything in sight?  OF COURSE you have!  Because you are human!  It’s called life!  I used to have those days all of the time.  But now that I have established a [...]

FITspiration… Take 2

"no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch." Last week I shared with you some of my personal forms of fitspiration (I hope you were fitspired!)... & now here are some more! My Friendspiration My friends, hands down, have been the most encouraging & fitspirational people in my life.   [...]


“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”  … just one of the many “fitspirational” quotes that keeps me going every day.  If you know me, you know that I love to post motivational and inspirational quotes on Instragram & Facebook on a daily basis.  Doing little things like this [...]

Here’s Kate! ~ Our Fitness Lifestyle Motivator!

Hey girls looking to Get Smart! My name is Kate Elman and I have joined the Get Smart team to help inspire and encourage young women to live a healthier lifestyle!  I have to admit, I’ve joined the team for a bit of a selfish reason as well… to keep myself on track and motivated [...]