Have you ever had one of those days…

when you were stressing, running all over the place, “multitasking”… and you just grabbed & ate everything in sight?  OF COURSE you have!  Because you are human!  It’s called life!  I used to have those days all of the time.  But now that I have established a routine and have made consistent progress towards my goals, the “damage control” after these days is infinitely easier to handle.  Always keep this in your mindset…

dont let one bad day kill your confidence and progress

I used to get “depressed” after I had a bad day of eating and not exercising.  Sometimes I would get into such a funk that I would let it go wayyy too long.  Like, embarrassingly too long.  When I used to have those stressful days where I found myself eating whatever was in front of me, I would say to myself, “well, I ate like a cow all day, who cares if I keep eating like (other word for junk) tonight”.  Then it would continue into the next day, “Oh, I’ll get back on track on Monday.”  Ah, the infamous “diet starts Monday” adage.  Yeah, that doesn’t always work…

You really can’t beat yourself up about one day (or even a weekend) of bad eating.  Like I said, life happens, things come up, stressful days are always around the corner, and you never know what tomorrow will bring.  BUT if you truly are determined to reach your goals, you will learn how to manage these minor setbacks in a much easier way.

So, Kate. How do you get back on track??

Ok, ready.. Here is the simplest way: If you have been eating very well, consistently, for a long time, your body is going to actually yell at you after (and even during) your binge!  If my body could speak, it would tell me, “I thought we were friends, Kate.  Never do that again.”  Basically, your body will reject the bad food and it will make you pay for it.  I think you get what I mean…  The feeling you will get will make you realize the binge wasn’t worth it, and you won’t want to feel that way again.  So, you will naturally want to get back into your routine of healthy eating.  This is a sure fire way to getting back on track!

Now, if you have just started your healthier lifestyle journey, and your body is still used to eating some junk here and there, it is a bit harder.  Your body won’t be able to yell at you as loudly because it won’t really know the difference between your old and new eating patterns.  Therefore, you have to start with establishing your routines and working on maintaining them so that they become habits.  And… you will have to wait to learn more about that in my next article… 😉


Until next time, keep your eye on the prize- a healthier you and me!



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