“no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Last week I shared with you some of my personal forms of fitspiration (I hope you were fitspired!)… & now here are some more!

My Friendspiration


My friends, hands down, have been the most encouraging & fitspirational people in my life.   They’ve known me at my unhealthiest and never once judged me by my appearance and eating habits.  But now, they support me for wanting to be the healthiest version of their friend that she can be 😉 I am so grateful for my friends being such a huge part of my journey, even though most of them live far away from me :(  These are letters of encouragement that I received from two of my friends who live in upstate NY and Boston.  I keep them hanging up near my mirror so that I can read them every morning to remind myself that I have people in my life who love me & who want to see me succeed; and this gives me unbelievable strength to make each day count towards my weightloss & fitness goals <3

My Wall of Inspirational Success Stories


When I joined WW, I was immediately surrounded by others who have gone through the program and who now look & feel amazing.  Two stories in particular stuck out to me because one of the women is a teacher and another is around the same age as me.  I decided to use these women as my inspiration because I knew that if they could do it, so can I.  I took their before & after shots and put them right up on a wall in my bedroom where I see them everyday.  Constantly, I tell myself, “I will be one of these women one day.  I will be a success story.  I will be an inspiration to others on their weight loss journeys.”  I truly believe I will reach my goals and who knows, maybe even become a future (non-celebrity) spokesperson for WW 😉

… and last, but certainly not least…

My Hot Pinkspiration (& The People Wearing Them)


There was a brief time period in March when I wasn’t making progress and I was feeling very unmotivated.  This will happen.  The key is to keep surrounding yourself with people that will support you through your journey- like the people you see in these pictures <3 One day during my “low” period, I came up with an idea to make a bracelet for myself to serve as a constant motivator to get through the rough times!  On my bracelet it would say, “it’s not worth it… but you are <3” to remind me that the short term satisfactions are not worth it, yet reaching my goals will be the most rewarding of all.  As I went online to order these bracelets, I was told I needed to order a minimum of 50!  So, I asked my friends if they would like one to either support me or use as motivation in their own lives.  I got an amazing response from many people who also shared their weight loss stories with me.  What a great feeling that was!


Now that you’ve seen what I use as fitspiration in my life, go out and get some for yourself!  You can steal my ideas or come up with your own ways to keep motivated.  Every little bit will help.  Don’t forget, you aren’t in this alone– seek out others that will help you reach your goals.   And remember, I’ll always be here 😉

Until next time.. cheers to a healthier you & me!

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