About Kristen D'Arienzo

Kristen D’Arienzo is 20 year old fashion student from New York. She will be graduating with her Associates degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising in the summer of 2013, and is transferring to Johnson and Wales University this fall. She has a love for shopping like no other. Kristen is a social media junkie, as you can tell by the excessive amount of tweets she writes! She loves to see what life has to offer on a day to day basis, and so should you. Kristen believes that with hard work and a clear mind, you can achieve great amounts of success. She loves writing, and strongly felt that giving advice as a Get Smart expert would be an amazing opportunity to not only share her knowledge, but to also learn from those around her.

Get organized and get smart!

Hello lovelies! I know at this point in the year, it's an uphill battle to stay motivated and organized.  Back to school time is upon us, and winter breaks are almost all completely over. But guess what that means? It's almost summer! And it's time to get ourselves put back together. I'm a junior in [...]

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Thank you.

Hello lovelies. I'd just like to take this post to wish you, and your loved ones a very Happy New Year. This past year has been a quick one, full of adventure, new beginnings, and change. Sometimes we don't realize how fast we're moving until we step back from it all for a second, and [...]

Finals Makeup

Hello lovelies! The time is now upon us...Finals time! I know, I know, I don't want to talk about it either. I also do not want to wake up and get all dolled up to take a test. But for the sake of everyone around me, I use a few products to make me look [...]

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Simple fall outfit of the day!

Hello lovelies! Fall is my absolute fashion season. It is cozy, warm and full of comfy sweaters and clothes! As a plus size girl, I find this season to be the easiest to dress for, because you can layer up and still feel comfortable. For this outfit of the day, I stuck to my top [...]

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My top 5 in college essentials!

Hello lovelies! So there's a lot of thought that goes into packing for college. Now that we're in the full swing of the semester, we may be realizing how many random little things we need. Typically, my mom does the shopping at home. Which means if I need something really random and silly, it's typically [...]

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Simple Fall Makeup!

Simple Fall Makeup Hello lovelies! I know when it starts to get cold, we just want to bundle up in the morning, and not put on makeup. I have a simple, quick eye makeup look for you beautiful girls to get you up and ready, and looking spectacular for this season! I use the Urban [...]

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Back to school! Do’s and Don’ts

Well hello there my lovelies! It's that time of year again. The weather starts to slowly change, days get a little shorter, and Target and KMart start putting out their ridiculous back to school commercials. But, we must be prepared! Because as slow as we all wished this summer would go, back to school time [...]

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Well hello lovelies! I cannot believe the time of year is here that we actually must start to embrace this topic. It's back to school time! There are two reactions to this time of year, and they go a little something like this..."yay!" or..."ugh, can you not?". Here's the thing. If you go into the [...]

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Shop confidently.

Hello lovelies, So as you may or may not know, I will be picking up and leaving from my little town on Long Island and moving to North Carolina to finish my bachelors degree in about, 45 days...but who is counting? Here's the thing, the college that I will be attending this fall has a [...]

Plus Size Fashion Dupe #1

I always hear about how amazing the JCrew Pixie pants are online. From vloggers to bloggers and everyone in between, I constantly see these plain black skinny pants everywhere! They seem to fit everyone perfectly. They kind of remind me of the jeans from "the sisterhood of the traveling pants." The thing is JCrew's pants [...]