Well hello lovelies!

I cannot believe the time of year is here that we actually must start to embrace this topic. It’s back to school time! There are two reactions to this time of year, and they go a little something like this…”yay!” or…”ugh, can you not?”.

Here’s the thing. If you go into the school year with a bright outlook, things may just be a bit easier for you. Trust me. ( I know, I know, waking up at 6am isn’t so delightful.)

Now, I also know, that this is not the general topic that I write about. I’m your go to makeup, beauty, style girl here on GetSmart. But I’m also a 20 year old girl who is about to take a step into her junior year of college. You, as well, may be going into college, or going back to school. This ones for you ladies. Here are my basic do’s and don’ts for this school year.

Go to school events- Make the most of the moments you have! Join clubs, sororities, and societies. This is where you may meet some really amazing people who share similar interests!