As many of you may know the ratio of carnivores vs. herbivores in the world today is extreme. Majority of the world’s population chooses to be meat eaters for any number of diverse reasons.  Whether it has to do with loving the taste of meat, being raised without exposure to any other option, thinking vegetarianism is an inconvenience, or maybe they’ve tried the path of vegetarianism before and couldn’t help but resist and go back to their meat eating habits.

My Story

lexidogI became a vegetarian June of 2010 and I can personally say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I couldn’t help but notice the incredible difference I felt about myself inside and out. My skin started to clear up, I had more energy, less stomach aches, and every time I sat down to eat I had an instant reminder of the positive and healthy eating choices I was making now and that I would be making throughout my future.

Not realizing it in the moment, but vegetarianism took my bad eating habits, whether it had to do with meat or junk food, and turned them into things I never pictured myself eating before. I took my steaks and cheese doodles and traded them in for veggie burgers and an avocado salad. On another note vegetarianism and veganism (there’s a difference) are possible healthy ways to lose weight for those having difficulty with their weight. Of course you should ALWAYS consult with a medical professional before starting any health or weight loss plan.

Fortunately I do not have any issues with my weight. In fact, being a vegetarian has caused me to be cautious making sure that I am staying at a healthy weight for my age and height.

Vegetable stallVegetarianism helped me bring out and appreciate my love for nature and animals, while also making me realize how every living thing deserves a life worth living. I can truly say that vegetarianism transformed me into a better person and gave me a different outlook on life itself.

Tips I used to create healthy vegetarian lifestyle…

1. If you ever find yourself craving meat most likely it’s not the meat you’re craving, it’s the seasoning! In the early stages of vegetarianism it’s OK to take a little piece to fill your void! I suggest maybe just trying the sauce the meat is made in just to meet your craving.

2. Don’t think about it! When you go to a restaurant and its time to order, just skip right over the meat options, pretend like they’re that creepy ex boyfriend you try your best to ignore. The more you ignore the easier your path to vegetarianism will be.

3. It’s important for developing teens to include protein in their diet. Research what foods are best….I especially love leafy greens, beans, nuts and grains.

4. Always remember the pros vs. the cons. Instead of thinking, “I WISH I COULD EAT THAT MEAT!” think about the up sides of not eating meat. Think about all the animals’ lives you are saving and all the steroids and hormones you won’t be ingesting.

5. Don’t think of it as a job or chore! In order for vegetarianism to be successful it has to be a personal decision.

We’ll chat again soon ~Lexi xoxo

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