SDawidowiczPicAfter months of hard work, classes, projects, tests, and studying, the school year for college students is coming to a close! Many students have to decide whether they want to reside at their shore houses, take summer classes, or find a job.

To me, a summer job is about doing something enjoyable that would not cause a person stress. With summer being “time off” of school, students should take full advantage of other opportunities. Some students take summer jobs within their field of study, others find work based on things they enjoy, and others simply try to find work so they do not go crazy at home all summer!

Sara4This will be my third summer working at the YMCA near my house, and I am counting down the days until eight weeks of fun! Throughout the summer with the kids, I make sure that they are safe and having fun. However, there were tricky parts to being in charge of about 25 five-year-old girls. For example, when half of them had to go to the bathroom and the other half did not, or making sure that everyone had lunch every day, were in proper swim groups, and that everyone was getting along.

Sara2Last summer I went a little crazy and would sing songs from Frozen, and they thought I was very entertaining. To break up the daily schedule, at times there would be camp trips or theme days! Some theme days I’ve seen are Around the World, 80’s Day, and Hawaiian Luau. I am excited to see what will happen this summer! The most motivating thing that happens is when parents tell me how much their kids talk about camp, their favorite parts, what they do not like, and what could make their transition or time at camp better.

For a summer job, start looking at jobs involved in things you love to do on a daily basis!  In today’s society finding or getting a job is more about who you know. So ask friends, family, and people in town if they know of anyone looking for summer work. At your college/university, there may be flyers posted around advertising jobs. Whatever you do this summer, I hope you enjoy yourself. I hope you do the things you love, but never have time to do because of school and work!

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