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1607, 2017

Perfect Not Perfect

  There is a notion that everyone everywhere has to be perfect with their actions, and the way they deal with everything emotionally and physically. For instance, being a woman, I am expected to make [...]

907, 2017

Cutting Out Toxic Relationships

Healthy relationships are a fundamental part of finding happiness and stability in one’s life. Oftentimes, people find themselves believing that the relationships they currently have are either the best they deserve or the best could [...]

907, 2017

Opinions Without Pi Are Onions

Opinions without Pi are onions. Onions have layers to them just like the people in the world. As we grow up, we begin to understand that what others believe, may not be what we should [...]

907, 2017

Eat Smart As College Starts

Whether you are approaching freshman year, excited for the college experience, doing what you want, eating what you want, or a returning college student, we are all faced with the same challenge of staying on [...]

207, 2017

Staying True to Yourself on Social Media

The amount of people using social media is steadily growing, meaning that more and more people are being influenced by the top trends, articles, and people on social networks. We all know that social media [...]

207, 2017

Identifying Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

There are many generally accepted behaviors and exchanges between people in a committed relationship that are oftentimes, in reality, very problematic and unacceptable. Overprotecting, vigilant, dominant, overbearing, and controlling personality traits or behaviors are often interpreted [...]

207, 2017

Studying Made Easier!

  This will not be an explanation of how mathematical foiling is helpful in real life situations but how studying can be made simple and how it starts with YOU!   Tip #1: Sticky notes [...]

207, 2017

The Benefits of Being a Foodie

I’ve always considered myself a “foodie,” but what exactly does that mean? A passion for cooking, trying new dishes and taking pictures of every meal you’ve ever had may come to mind. However, I have [...]

207, 2017

Appreciate what surrounds you

We seem to go through life with a day to day schedule, running on a clock, never skipping a beat. It is almost hard to take a moment and appreciate all that is good in [...]

2506, 2017

Taking the Shame out of Single

               As we grow into our teens and early adulthood, there seems to be a universal expectation across all genders to enter a relationship. To quote Tina Fey in [...]