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2805, 2017

Packed Schedule? No Need to Worry!

As we get older and move into our college years, our lives seem to get more complicated. There’s no more mom or dad constantly reminding us to get our homework finished before extracurriculars or to [...]

2805, 2017

A Guide to Speaking Your Mind

Having the confidence to speak regularly in class can be difficult for many people. For those who are more extraverted, this may be a relatively simple task that involves close to no effort. For those [...]

2105, 2017

Your Grades Aren’t You

 Do you consider the students with the highest grades to be the smartest in the class? Have you ever thought that they’d be so much more successful than you and everyone else with lower grades [...]

2105, 2017

College Safety: Sexual Assault Awareness

Going away to college can be one of the most enriching and positive experiences in one’s life; you are exposed to a new environment, new friends, and new experiences. These 4+ years can contribute so [...]

2105, 2017

5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community – and Benefit

  1. Go for the Obscure- What I’ve learned in years past is that the best opportunities often lie in unexpected places. Instead of volunteering at a popular spot in your community, shoot for the [...]

2105, 2017

Lessons Learned from My Greek Life Experience

When I was going away to college, I never gave much thought to getting involved on campus. That wasn’t my main concern. When a bunch of girls in my hall decided to rush sororities during [...]

2105, 2017

Being Confident in Your Four Year Fit

The college process is a huge step in a young adult’s life. There is uncertainty about career paths, where you want to live or commute to for the next four years and how to fit [...]

1805, 2017

4 Ways to Stand Up and BE HEARD!

Communication can make us soar! You may be asking what you mean by "communication can make me soar"? I have never flown like superhero. Communication is important in many instances such as relationships, friendships and [...]

1705, 2017

5 Tips on Dressing for Success on Interviews

As a college student, one of the most important parts of your college career is getting an internship. It will prepare you for post-grad life and tell you exactly what you are interested in. They’re [...]

1005, 2016

Feel your Feelings

When we are feeling painful or uncomfortable emotions, the last thing we tend to want to do is to confront them. We want to run away from them, find distractions, bury them deep down until [...]