Opinions without Pi are onions. Onions have layers to them just like the people in the world.


As we grow up, we begin to understand that what others believe, may not be what we should believe. That’s how opinions are grown. People’s opinions are like flowers in the garden; some are purple and some are yellow, complementary but not the same. We share a common ground like a garden where the possibilities are endless to what may grow in there.

Opinions can grow as opinions and through discussions, or they can grow as a lack of respect and through arguments. How your opinions grow is your own choice.

Opinions are opportunities for discussions, which allow for the understanding of someone else’s point of view as well as an opportunity for someone else to understand one’s own point of view.

When we choose to take this opportunity, more people are understood and RESPECTED. We learn that allowing our differences to separate us, does nothing more than spark arguments, anger and disallow us to unite as one.

We all have trouble with this sometimes; here are some tips to help:

Learn that respect is different from acceptance. You can respect someone without accepting their opinion. When we respect without acceptance, discussions and understandings can be made. Without respect, arguments usually take place.

Differences don’t have to separate us. For example, let’s say a person of certain morals prefers to date someone of their same morals. Just because these differences exist, doesn’t mean that we have to be isolated each other; It means that we should still talk, discuss and keep each others hope up for finding the best out there.

When we take labels away, we realize we are the same. Lets go back to the garden example. When we take away the label plant or floweror with vegetables: green peppers, cherry tomatoes, cornwe realize that these are all just items grown in a garden. We can do the same with people around us. Everyone is finding their place in this world, trying to be successful and happy. When we realize we are all in the same garden, we realize that we can grow together. We can grow like how big the peach got in James And The Giant Peach.  

We all tend to want to find someone who has the same exact opinions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We can have similar or polar opposite opinions. But regardless of how close or far our opinions lie, we must learn to respect one another’s. Opinions are like fingerprints, no two are exactly the same.