This will not be an explanation of how mathematical foiling is helpful in real life situations but how studying can be made simple and how it starts with YOU!


Tip #1: image1Sticky notes and index cards. These are my lifesavers. Add sticky notes in your textbook where important key points are made and sections where you may have questions or find unclear. With Index cards, put main vocabulary words on them while taking notes, that way you will not have to after astudy guide is made. Ultimately being a time saver.


Tip #2: Find your ideal study environment. Write words on sticky notes that help make you motivated and listen to music like Beethoven or beats for studying stations. When we create an environment that makes us feel we can do anything, that’s when we can do anything!


Tip #3: Plan in advance. I know, I know, this seems like a no brainer. Make sure you give yourself enough time to study, prepare, and truly get to know your terms. This helps to reduce anxiety on the days before, and the day of, the test.


Tip #4: Don’t read the same thing over and over. You tell yourself  “okay I understand this” and then BAM! When you are reviewing for a huge test, it doesn’t make sense to you. Ask friends, family, or Google rather than rereading what isn’t understood. You remember material better when it is understood as opposed to just trying to memorize it.


Tip #5: Know when to stop studying. You may be asking, “Stop studying? I have a huge test and I have no time to waste!”. There comes a time when your mind loses concentration and productivity. A break is necessary for you to restore energy and brainpower; Like meditating, eating, and hydrating. You want to keep your mind relaxed and prepared to continue later on.


Tip #6: Lastly. Relax. You spend a lot of your time studying, preparing, and basically taking over the world with foil, YOU GOT THIS!


So sit back and relax! …Oh my goodness I sound like those broadway-intro guys “Sit back, relax and enjoy the show” but in this case, the learning!

These tips don’t have to be done exactly as stated, feel free to modify and change what is adaptable for you. Study smarter and remember to relax when you take the test. You got this, I believe in you.