Get Smart about Gender Segregation

Anyone who is an avid fan of the television show FRIENDS remembers the episode where Ross goes berserk when he see’s his son Ben playing with a doll. He finds it "unmanly" and forces Ben to play with other toys that are considered more appropriate for boys. The funny twist was that Ross only begins [...]

Get Smart about…Wait. What Diet?!

How many times do you criticize yourself in a day? Be honest... we all do it.  If I had a dime for every time I heard, “Ugh, I should not have just eaten that”, “I am so fat,” or “I am so mad that I couldn’t get to the gym today,” I would be one [...]

You’re Beautiful! A Get Smart Guide to Loving Yourself

There's a quote that I always used to read when I needed something to inspire me. A woman named Ilana Donna Arazie once said, "No one is ever going to love you more than you love yourself." I became a true believer of that quote. I wish a lot of young women would think the [...]

In My Body – A Get Smart Guide to Beauty

“We get to choose what defines us.” ~The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen We are the only ones who understand, with complete certainty, what it’s like to live inside our bodies. Now it’s not often that the thought of living in our bodies crosses our minds. Normally we think of the [...]

Get Smart about Super Hero Posture

What do the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the Flash all have in common? Besides being a part of the Justice League of America, of course. They all have the "Super Hero Posture."  In my experience, boys tend to gravitate to the mainstream super heroes for that very reason.  They are also fearless, [...]

Get Smart Spotlight: Tori Molnar’s Plea to Parents of Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur before Kindergarten? When people ask me about where or when my entrepreneurial journey began I can’t say during my time at a prestigious college or in a Silicon Valley garage (even though that would be really cool). Instead, my entrepreneurial path is an uncommon one. I started at four years old at a flea market. [...]

Get Smart about the #HeForShe Campaign

As a super-massive Harry Potter fan, I have been blown away by how Emma Watson, the actress that played Hermione in the book series' film adaptions, has grown. She's become an extremely intelligent and inspiring young woman, and has recently been named the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. That's kind of a big deal. In her [...]