seanWhat do the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the Flash all have in common? Besides being a part of the Justice League of America, of course. They all have the “Super Hero Posture.”  In my experience, boys tend to gravitate to the mainstream super heroes for that very reason.  They are also fearless, strong, likeable and most importantly, they walk the talk!

Finding Someone Relatable

As a trainer of young adults, sometimes as young as 10 years old, I feel it’s my responsibility to not only guide them on a path to proper wellness but to help instill the values inherent in working out and how it applies to life. In doing so and creating a relationship, a mentorship with my young student, I need to find something or someone that he or she can relate to. The idolization of those heroes allows me to do so and convey one of the first rules of training: the importance of posture. I ask them to show me how their favorite hero stands and their immediate response is one that is tall and proud.  Happily, I confirm their portrayal and proceed to tell them that Batman stands tall, shoulders back and exudes confidence. Green Lantern never slumps his shoulders, neither does Superman or Wonder Woman. No matter what, all of them keep their head held high and look people in the eye…attributes that garner respect.

Not an Easy Target

JusticeLeagueIn a new day and age where bullying is ever present, body language is one of the greatest forms of nonverbal communication. It is the very reason I teach the importance of walking anywhere with your head held high. It speaks volumes loud and clear saying, “I like who I am and I will not be an easy target.” For me, I remember being inspired by the Karate Kid. He was picked on for being the new kid who didn’t have much. Mr. Miyagi took him under his wing and learned the right way to handle himself, using violence only as a last resort. If you fast forward to today, I still have yet to throw a punch and I have de-escalated many a situation without anyone being injured.

Whoever the child’s hero, whether it is a policeman, a firefighter or someone in the movies or TV, to them, they represent all that is good in this world…standing for truth, justice and the American way. Fighting for and standing up for the ones that may not be able to stand up for or protect themselves: these are ideas that a child can easily immerse themselves in and carry them forward by protecting the halls and playgrounds of Anytown, USA. In the end, the Super Hero Stance, like justice, will always prevail!

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