Your Digital Tattoo: Make it Beautiful

There is a reason why your online activity is called a digital tattoo—it stays with you for life! Every single thing you post, like, share and comment online is digitally tattooed. People often spend weeks, months or years considering what to tattoo onto their skin, but we so often post online without consideration. The internet [...]

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Halloween Fun!

The weekend of Halloween is a weekend anybody of any age looks forward too. It’s a weekend filled of candy, all things pumpkin related, friends, scary movies and costumes. Here’s a list of some of the hallmark (must do) things during Halloween week and throughout the weekend: Pumpkin Picking/Carving: This is a great way to [...]

Get Smart about the Fear of Failure

To many people, failing at something is the worst possible thing that can happen to them. They often associate failure with disappointment and the thought of letting people down scares them. Generally, we assume that people who haven’t had a lot of experiences with success are likely to be afraid of failure the most, but [...]

Creating a Life of Balance and Less Stress

Everyone has those days during which they feel completely stressed out, as though they can’t keep up with the fast paced environments around them. For college students and young adults in particular, tasks such as studying and doing well in school, working hard, maintaining social lives and spending time with families can be difficult to [...]

Six Things You Learn When Skydiving

Recently, my boyfriend and I went skydiving. Yes, skydiving, like jumping out of a plane at 10,000 ft. Real life. It was insanely awesome and honestly life changing. I learned a lot that day about myself and living life. Facing your fears is incredibly empowering. Doing something that scares you is an awesome feeling. All my [...]

The Get Smart Guide to Speaking Up

“Ha, that’s so retarded.” I froze. My mouth opened to say something – anything – but I simply stared at the person who had just uttered the insult I hated so much. My mom’s friend, at least thirty years my elder, didn’t miss a beat, clearly not realizing that his word choice had made me [...]

Put Your Phone Down

A few weeks ago, the New York Times released an opinion entitled “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.” The essay was adapted from author Sherry Turkle’s most recent book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in the Digital Age. The article went viral; I saw it all over my Facebook news feed and across my email lists, [...]

Halloween Horrors: Why Fancy Dress Can Be Damaging

As the days creep toward Halloween, my feeling of dread increases. This is a weird feeling for me because, guys, I seriously love Halloween. I mean, I love fancy dress at the best of times—and in the UK, we do fancy dress a lot—but Halloween is just that much better. Unlike New Year, Christmas, birthdays, [...]

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Get Smart about Stereotyping

Have you ever been stereotyped? Yes, I imagine you have… Now a tougher question: have you ever stereotyped a stranger? We hate to admit it, but most of us (if not all of us) have. Being judged hurts and judging others hurts ourselves. Stereotyping isn’t always a bad thing, but quite often we stereotype someone, [...]

3 Things To Consider Before Deciding Not to Vote

So it begins… the debates, the attack ads, the speeches, and the misspoken moments played over and over again on our television screens. Sometimes it seems easier just to stay out of all the political drama that consumes our nation from now until November 2016. Here’s why you definitely shouldn’t: Your voice is powerful. Speak [...]