Shine Your Brightest Light

Recognizing that you have talents and abilities is immensely important to surpass your perceived potential. Focusing on your gifts, and realizing that you can do anything you put your mind to, has incredible outcomes and fuels great achievements. So many people are extremely critical of themselves, and to such an extent that oftentimes they may [...]

Perfect Not Perfect

  There is a notion that everyone everywhere has to be perfect with their actions, and the way they deal with everything emotionally and physically. For instance, being a woman, I am expected to make a “perfect” meal and dress up with my hair not frizzy and out--it's natural texture. In comparison, guys are told they [...]

The Benefits of Being a Foodie

I’ve always considered myself a “foodie,” but what exactly does that mean? A passion for cooking, trying new dishes and taking pictures of every meal you’ve ever had may come to mind. However, I have come to realize the immense benefits of appreciating the culinary arts. Even if you don’t consider yourself a cook or [...]

Dealing With Trauma From Rejection

  We have all experienced a significant rejection or failure that has led us to doubting our own abilities or potential. How we deal with such adversities is what helps us reverse their negative impacts and find ways to grow. Rejection comes in multiple forms and interpretations, and regardless of the supposed degree of importance, [...]

The Key to Unlocking Your Intelligence

Intelligence… Some of us college students think of it as our G.P.A. Some think of it as thinking smarter not harder. And some think it’s remembering all of the facts you have ever learned… All of these thoughts from others intelligence have a similarities. These tips are what really build intelligence: Read—I don't mean just [...]

A Guide to Speaking Your Mind

Having the confidence to speak regularly in class can be difficult for many people. For those who are more extraverted, this may be a relatively simple task that involves close to no effort. For those who may be more introverted, it can be very nerve-wracking, and they may end up shying away from asking questions. [...]

Get Smart and Stay You

“Today you are You, that is truer than true, There is no one alive who is Youer than You” – Dr. Seuss Seuss is right you know. Let’s take a moment to let that astounding thought resonate. Of the seven billion-some people on our lovely planet, each and every individual has their own parcel of [...]

Get Smart: Made Up Values by Makeup

When I wake up in the morning, I’m not the most beautiful site. I don’t think any of us could really admit to looking 100% the moment we roll over to turn off our alarm and wipe the drool from our chin. I hardly ever want to get up from my super warm pillow infested [...]

The Keys to Confidence

Many of us can relate to and look back on situations in which we did not feel as though we were not confident enough to take on a task or overcome a struggle. I know I have, anyway. Our confidence levels may be low at times, and this can get in the way of everyday [...]

Finding Yourself Outside

The outdoors has served as an important and unexpected backdrop for my life. For the past eight years or so, I have found it necessary for my body and mind to spend some time outdoors, exploring the natural wonders around me. In some cases, these journeys have taken me far from my home. But others [...]