Perfect Not Perfect

  There is a notion that everyone everywhere has to be perfect with their actions, and the way they deal with everything emotionally and physically. For instance, being a woman, I am expected to make a “perfect” meal and dress up with my hair not frizzy and out--it's natural texture. In comparison, guys are told they [...]

Less Comparison, More Compassion

Have you ever felt great about a skill, only to have it downplayed by someone who you perceived as doing it better than you? Felt inadequate because a classmate or a coworker would always outshine you? The tendency to compare ourselves to others is completely human. Looking at life through a lens of comparison is [...]

Relax! It’s Not Just You.

As a freshman in college, bombarded by a more difficult workload, new people, living with a roommate and terrible dining hall food, I felt extremely overwhelmed by the string of mediocre days that were supposed to make up the “best years of my life.” I cursed the days I felt too tired, stressed, sad, homesick [...]

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Unplug Love: How to Disconnect to Find the One

"And I'd give up forever to touch you Cause I know that you feel me somehow You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be And I don't wanna go home right now" These are lyrics to one of my favorite songs of all times, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. It was written for the [...]

Head’s Up: Feminism Needs You!

Have you ever wondered why women are called “victims” of rape? Or why rape education seems to be targeted more toward women than men? Why is blue a stereotypically masculine color and pink, feminine? How can colors have genders? Why women are paid 77 cents while a man is paid a dollar for the same [...]

Top Ten Things the Media Gets WRONG about Women

10. You’ve been stranded on an island for months, why is your hair perfect? On television shows like Lost, which is about people stranded on a mysterious island, the flawless Evangeline Lilly remains the object of affection for the fellow male survivors. While the show does a great job of making sure her shirt has [...]

A Foolproof Formula for Meeting “Your Person”

If there’s one thing last weekend taught me, its that Bill Murray is an ungrateful complainer. I would give anything to relive Groundhog Day 2015 over and over again. No diss to Punxsutawney, but my new found admiration for the holiday is unrelated to the weather predicting rodent or western Pennsylvania. Instead, it has everything [...]

Get Smart about Your Natural Beauty

We live in a generation that strives for absolute and total perfection. One of the ways that society has assisted us in trying to reach this impossible goal is by makeup. I see commercial after commercial advertising how makeup will make your eyelashes the "perfect" length and your skin "perfectly" smooth and blemish-free. But who are they to decide what [...]

Get Smart by Getting Healthy

While we have taken steps in the right direction when it comes to body image, the messages to women are still quite confusing. Things like the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty; the truth behind photoshopped pictures and the millions of blog posts, advertisements and campaigns promoting a healthy body image have communicated that every body is [...]