Be the Wonder Woman you are

We all have a persona or character we tend to become. One which gets us through life in emotional, mental or physical ways. The usual characters I use are Wonder Woman or Captain. Believe it or not we all have this strength in us, so let’s take a look into that strength we already know. [...]

Guest Post – Noelle’s Story

About three years ago, my mom asked me to keep an eye on my baby cousins in the pool. She immediately apologized, realizing I only had one eye with which to watch them. I didn’t even pick up on the irony of her remark until she apologized. I laughed and told her it was okay. [...]

Get Smart: You are More than Your Weaknesses (and Strengths)

We are constantly told that we should emphasize and work with our strengths. With the same intent, we are also told that we should accept our limits and work within those limitations. We live in a world that is conceptualized and limited by our thoughts and perceptions. Of course, it is great to recognize and [...]

Law of Opposites: Finding Empowerment in the Dark

Very long story short, in my senior year of high school, my entire life changed. Had you asked me then, I’d say it was changing for the worse. Today, four years later, I have learned that it actually changed for the better. As the life I had known and loved was crashing before me, my [...]

Get the Feel of This

Artificial intelligence may be imminent, but that doesn’t mean we need to start acting like robots now. Power and leadership seem to go hand in hand with lack of emotion, or coolness. The idea of “if you show how much it bothers you, you look vulnerable and you lose,” is prominent in the work force. [...]

Breakups to Breakthroughs

Whether you see it coming or it happens out of nowhere, a breakup can shake you to your core. A shock wave floods your body and you become numb to the world around you. You're hyper-focused on your internal pain, your ego screams out for justice, and your heart is in ruins. Pages upon pages [...]

Finding Fictional Heroines: A Get Smart Girl’s Guide

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” ~ Anna Quindlen In our modern era, it’s hard to find female role models that empower women, but also show them that part of being human means showing a range of emotions. Heroines can be [...]

In My Body – A Get Smart Guide to Beauty

“We get to choose what defines us.” ~The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen We are the only ones who understand, with complete certainty, what it’s like to live inside our bodies. Now it’s not often that the thought of living in our bodies crosses our minds. Normally we think of the [...]

Get Smart: Be Allies, Not Enemies

As women, we have enough to worry about on a daily basis without also worrying about being stabbed in the back by other women. Instead of trying to compete with each other and bringing each other down, we should be helping our fellow women to achieve their goals and boost their confidence. Having Each Other’s [...]