Eating Disorders: What You Need to Know

Eating disorders come in many variations, and many go overlooked. An eating disorder goes far beyond skipping meals. Eating disorders affect people psychologically and lead them to self-harming behavior; They are characterized by a person’s distress, and subsequent actions toward their body weight or shape, or efforts managing weight or food intake (National Institute of [...]

A Letter to My Future Daughter Re: College

My most precious blessing, My love, here it is. The time you’ve so anxiously been waiting for these last few years is now upon you. Your college experience is about to begin and I know just how excited you are. But first, let me give you some advice. Sleep: I know just how sociable you [...]

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Get the Feel of This

Artificial intelligence may be imminent, but that doesn’t mean we need to start acting like robots now. Power and leadership seem to go hand in hand with lack of emotion, or coolness. The idea of “if you show how much it bothers you, you look vulnerable and you lose,” is prominent in the work force. [...]

The Keys to Confidence

Many of us can relate to and look back on situations in which we did not feel as though we were not confident enough to take on a task or overcome a struggle. I know I have, anyway. Our confidence levels may be low at times, and this can get in the way of everyday [...]

5 Tips from an Experienced Complainer

Go ahead, let it out… For some reason I find something very soothing about venting. There seems to be no easier way for me to release all of my stress and tension then to complain about it to my friends.  Sometimes a hearty rant can solve all of my problems. But are there guidelines to [...]

Eating After Your Eating Disorder

When I was in college (British college, that is—Americans, you'd call it your junior and senior years of high school), I started vomiting from stress. For a few months, I would regularly have to run out of my classes and exams, be sent home early, and take mildly effective anti-nausea tablets. I was very lucky. [...]

How To: Maintain a Healthy Relationship in College

Maintaining a relationship in college can seem like a struggle when you’re doing school work, working a job, and getting involved with extracurriculars. Relationships happen when you least expect them! Attending a talk on campus or taking part in a community service day can help you meet somewhere outside of your usual circle. I have [...]

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Top 5 Signs Your Friend is TRUE BLUE.

Friendships in high school can be rough, unless you’ve stayed friends with the same people since elementary school. This is possible, but not everyone stays friends with the same exact people from elementary school to high school. Even if they do, new friends come in and out. We are always faced with the challenge of [...]

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