group of young women on coffee breakFriendships in high school can be rough, unless you’ve stayed friends with the same people since elementary school. This is possible, but not everyone stays friends with the same exact people from elementary school to high school. Even if they do, new friends come in and out. We are always faced with the challenge of knowing when someone is going to be a true friend.

Some people go through a “friend breakup” and it’s a tough time. You wish your friends would give you the same respect and trust you gave them and they just go ahead and stab you in the back or continue to make fun of you or something. Well I am here to help you not go through that again.

Top 5 signs someone is being a good friend

  1. They give you the same respect you would give them. 
  2. They don’t go and spread rumors about you – AT ALL.  If they were really your friend they would come to you and tell you someone spread a rumor and they should not make you “tell” them the rumors true, especially if it isn’t.
  3. Doesn’t go around stabbing you in the back. They stay true.
  4. Doesn’t see the bad in situations. If someone said something good about you, your friend will not deny it. If someone said something bad about you, your friend will not assume its true
  5. You can go to them without the feeling of “oh is she going to tell someone” Do you get that weird feeling that your “friend” is going to tell someone your secrets? Trust is basis for any friendship. Period. 

Remember its better to have one or two close friends you can trust then a bunch of fake friends who hurt you. These are my top 5 – what are some of your signs of a good friend? 

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