Communication can make us soar!

Brigette ColaizzoYou may be asking what you mean by “communication can make me soar”? I have never flown like superhero. Communication is important in many instances such as relationships, friendships and with yourself. We have to communicate exactly what we want in order to keep ourselves on the same page with others.

Think back to past family parties for graduations, birthdays where your grandmother tries to blow out candles at 90 years old. Did you ever notice that everyone running around to organize these parties and possibly grabbing the same much needed item twice? They didn’t communicate.  We don’t have cups and someone brings another package of plates even though we already have the giant family size pack of 100. (It can still be good though to have a second set, especially on those windy days)

So how do we communicate effectively? (I’m glad to answer this!) We can communicate by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. Saying what you want: Sometimes we do not know exactly what we want, so we don’t say anything at all. It might seem simple, but if you really wanted french fries with your sandwich and you don’t tell the waitress, you can expect her to read your mind!  You need to say exactly what it is that you want. When we do this, we make a decision to ourselves that this is my choice and I am going to stick to it.
  1. Sticking to your goals: When we communicate to others that this is my need or goal, we have to have the courage to stick to it. When others know our goals or wants, we can now have someone important supporting us. Nothing is better (well maybe your favorite pizza) than having someone behind you rooting for you while you do something scary!
  1. Answering honestly: Do you experience anxiety when someone asks you a tough question? You might quickly, and sometimes too soon. Take your time and reflect on the answer. When you take time to answer someone honestly, you communicate that you can think for yourself.
  1. Saying what bothers you: Going along in  life holding on to what is bothering you can build up. People aren’t mind readers (although wouldn’t it be awesome sauce?). Others can’t know what is bothering you unless you speak about it. Sometimes you may be afraid to speak up, in fear of what the other person may think. When we say what bothers us, we bring awareness to ourselves and others and can work on resolving whatever the issue is.

So how can all these tips make us soar?  You’ve got to practice them in simple every day moments. For example, you are on a plane and a flight attendant comes by and asks, “Do you need anything?. You say “No, I am all good.” However, your seat is broken and will not recline. Answer honestly and get your needs met.  Communication includes others, but always starts and ends with you!


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