Lisa MarcellariAs a college student, one of the most important parts of your college career is getting an internship. It will prepare you for post-grad life and tell you exactly what you are interested in. They’re a chance for you to try all different fields in relation to what you’re studying. After you apply to the numerous amounts of positions, it’s just a waiting game. Then the email or call comes through and you get an interview. It’s one of the most exciting experiences because someone thought you stood out and decided to give you a chance to express why you want the job. Now comes the hard part. What do you wear?

Every time I have interviewed for a position, I;ve always freaked out about what I was going to wear. Of course I did the research on the company and came up with good questions to ask, but that’s all professional stuff. I mean, come on! What you wear is the first impression you’re going to give out to your potential new employer. Am I too overdressed? Am I underdressed? Is this appropriate? Here are my five tips on dressing for success during a job interview.

Overdress, don’t underdress.

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. It will make you look more professional and give a better first-impression. Even if you do prior research and find a more laid-back office environment, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It might be a little embarrassing to walk into a workplace and feel like you don’t fit in. You want to look confident and overdressed, not intimidated and underdressed.

Wear comfortable clothing.

On some interviews, you may have no idea how long you’re going to be there. You want to wear something that could last you the entire day. On some interviews, they may ask you to stay and complete a task to see how you work. No one wants to be walking around with blisters on their feet or a scratchy tag. If you’re more comfortable in your clothing then you’re more likely to be comfortable in your interview!

IRS Picture.001-001Dress appropriately

You want to dress for an interview in something that you could wear it front of your grandparents. You don’t want to have your shoulders showing because that can come off inappropriate to some employers. It’s also important to wear closed-toed shoes. Sandals aren’t the best idea so if it’s summer, switch out your sandals for some cute flats. They will work just as well. Steer clear of jeans. You want to wear a pair of slacks or an appropriate dress with a sweater.

A blazer is your friend.

Even though some blazers are tacky and a little ugly, they definitely work. They’re clean cut and very professional. I wear a blazer with any type of outfit whether it’s a pair of black pants or a dress. It really does go with everything. You also don’t know what the office temperature will be like. By wearing layers with an appropriate shirt underneath, you can take off the blazer if necessary. 

Wear it confidently!

No matter what you decide to wear, wear it confidently! Believing in yourself and knowing you can accomplish anything is half the battle. The best thing you can wear to an interview is your confidence, so wear it loud and proud!


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