Get Smart about the 9-5 Grind

I recently started what I like to call my first real, big person job. You know, the 9-5, dealing with co-workers, bosses and paychecks. The stuff that sitcoms and endless dinner table conversations are made of. But I have to admit, my job isn’t a typical one. I’m a summer research student, which means I’m [...]

Get Smart by Getting Healthy

While we have taken steps in the right direction when it comes to body image, the messages to women are still quite confusing. Things like the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty; the truth behind photoshopped pictures and the millions of blog posts, advertisements and campaigns promoting a healthy body image have communicated that every body is [...]

Friends 4Ever? Get Smart about Your Friendships

There are few things in life more important than friendship. A friend is someone you can confide in, someone with which to share life’s troubles. Friends are there to share in your happy moments, they help to wipe away your tears and they are the first people to applaud your successes. We start forming friendships [...]

Don’t Settle: Get Smart about Entering the Work Force After College

After graduating college just a few weeks ago, I immediately entered the pool of “I will take any job that hires me.” My first bite was with a legal services company offering me my very own cubicle space! When people asked me about the position and what exactly I would be doing, I sort of [...]

Get Smart and Give Back

“To me, giving back is so important. It makes others feel good, which then, in return, makes me feel good." - Katie Cassidy Giving Back is a term we hear often in today’s world. We are told that Giving Back should be something we incorporate into our daily lives...that it is good for the soul [...]

Get Smart and Get Your Parents On Board

Once I left home for college I thought, “Wow - This is great! I can get Starbucks as many times a week as I want, I can binge eat Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton, and no one can stop me!” Yes, it did seem great for the first few weeks, until I realized [...]

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Chase Change: Get Smart & Grow!

 “So fill up your lungs and just run, but always be chasing the sun." - Sara Barielles If you are like me, the thought of seeing the world, moving some place new, experiencing life in a completely new environment and soaking up the sun somewhere amazing (like Southern California) is spellbinding. The idea of a [...]

Get Smart about the RIGHT COLLEGE for YOU!

“I do not want to get out of the car!”  I said to my mother after driving over an hour to visit the college that seemingly had everything I wanted. It offered a program I wanted to pursue, was the perfect distance from home, had a great surrounding town and more. But once I got [...]

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Get Smart about DADS!

Father's Day Thoughts from a Get Smart Gal! With Father’s Day approaching, it seems fitting that Get Smart acknowledges some of the awesome men in our lives.  We’re all about empowering women, but male mentors can teach us things that female mentors never could.  They’re an integral part of our growth and development, and it’s [...]

The Phenomenal Women of #GetSmart (part 2!)

Blown away! After a quick conference call with our amazing intern team, I was IN AWE! From LA to West Virginia to good old New Jersey, we've got an incredible combination of SMART and FABULOUS young women leading the way! It occurred to me how luck each of us was on that call. We were [...]