“To me, giving back is so important.
It makes others feel good,
which then, in return,
makes me feel good.”
– Katie Cassidy


Giving Back is a term we hear often in today’s world. We are told that Giving Back should be something we incorporate into our daily lives…that it is good for the soul and for the community. But there are so many organizations out there that need our help, it can become overwhelming! Here are a few tips to make Giving Back a little easier.

What’s My Passion?

Choosing an organization to give back to can be the most difficult part of the process, as there are choices everywhere. There are national and international organizations, online organizations, causes in your local community and groups on your college campus.

Additionally, every organization targets a different cause: from children or a specific disease to the homeless or animals. The very first step you have to take is to find out what you are passionate about. Is there a disease or illness that closely affects you or your family? Is your goal in life to save the environment and make this world a cleaner and safer place? Do you enjoy spending time with certain groups of people? Deciding which cause you are most connected to will help giving back seem a lot less stressful.

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How can I Help?

Now that you have found your passion, it is time to look at the various ways you can help:

1. Volunteer – Volunteering at the organization of your choice is not only helpful to the workers and people who constantly need extra hands or hours, but it also gives you a fresh perspective on life. I have always heard that if you are feeling down, the best way to feel better is to go out and help someone else. Maybe your passion is helping the elderly. There are many nursing homes that need volunteers to help with activities or simply visit with the residents. Is your passion animals? Volunteer a few hours a week at the Humane Society or your local shelter. Most organizations even make it easy by posting a volunteer schedule where you can choose hours that work best for you.

2. Donate – There is always something needed at various charitable organizations. From food and blankets to toys and cleaning supplies, items are constantly being used by the organization or given away to those in need. If you are not sure what type of items your chosen organization needs, you can easily call and ask for their wish list. Most organizations would be happy to share a list of their most-needed items.

GetSmartClub3. Class/Club Project – If you want to do something a little different, help an organization via a class or club project. Hold a food or clothing drive in your school or with your college club. Plan a contest or bake sale and raise funds for the organization of your choice. The organization will be thrilled about the support and the members of your school community will feel fantastic for doing something awesome.

4. Make it your own! This is where you can get creative. Think of a new way to help your chosen cause. Hold a themed car wash or make dinner for a family in need. You could even start a recycling bin at your job or home. Giving back doesn’t ever have to be a grand event; little things you do every day can make a huge impact.

Anything you can do to uplift someone else will not only help the community, but it really will make you feel great. Let’s Get Smart and make Giving Back the newest and hottest trend! #GetSmartGiveBack

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