Opinions Without Pi Are Onions

Opinions without Pi are onions. Onions have layers to them just like the people in the world. As we grow up, we begin to understand that what others believe, may not be what we should believe. That’s how opinions are grown. People’s opinions are like flowers in the garden; some are purple and some are [...]

A Rebel Against Society

Since coming to college, I’ve made many new friends. With these friendships comes all of the “get to know each other” questions. Examples of a few I’ve received the most often are: Where are you from? What’s your major? How many siblings do you have? What did you do in high school? What are your [...]

Insecurities? Don’t Worry!

Insecurities. We all have them. It’s a completely normal thing. Especially in teenagers. I, being a freshman in high school, have many. Some very typical 15-year-old things, others not very common among people my age. But how do I deal with them? Answer—I don’t. (Okay, okay, that was a joke). Here are a few ways [...]

Three Easy Steps to Staying Positive in Your 20’s

Being a young adult is hard and that is no exaggeration. There’s so much pressure to follow societal norms but to also be unique butterflies. We need to get our act together and somehow become self-actualized human beings. The struggle to find time to love ourselves and be meaningful in our actions is difficult when [...]

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Eating After Your Eating Disorder

When I was in college (British college, that is—Americans, you'd call it your junior and senior years of high school), I started vomiting from stress. For a few months, I would regularly have to run out of my classes and exams, be sent home early, and take mildly effective anti-nausea tablets. I was very lucky. [...]

Find, Know, and Embrace Yourself

Sitting in my cozy corner in my favorite donut shop, sipping on hot chocolate and munching a double chocolate cake donut, I stop for a second and appreciate all of the people around me doing the same. There are the love birds, giggling and feeding each other (who does that?). Hiding behind my laptop screen, [...]

Getting Smart: AUTHENTICITY for 20Somethings

Hi lovelies! 20Somethings are near and dear to my heart. The 20's are a fabulous time of self-discovery. In fact some adult development theorists suggest that the biggest shift in identity is between the ages of 20-27. Our first guiding principle of what it means to GET SMART is to BE AUTHENTIC. We are really [...]