#No Fear14: Pushing the Boundaries IS the destination!

Exploring my roots! The view from my cousin's hotel, La Colline in St. Marc Haiti. The news I often hear about my parents’ native country, Haiti, definitely made traveling there seem like an unattainable goal. I often dreamt about what it was like, listened to stories that my parents, aunts and uncles told [...]

#GetSmartNOW week 2 Balance Challenge!

Get Smart Gals are Blazing a Trail to 2014! Week 1 was a huge success and we thank so many of you for commenting and messaging us about how inspired you are to greet 2014 already AWESOME. New Year's Resolutions are hard to keep because they are not always realistic or balanced. They put undue [...]

No worries: Teen Tips for stopping the crazy train!

Over the past couple of years I have noticed something, girls worry about a lot of things, especially me. Some days (not all!) my list looks like this: Boys Looks Having to impress others/ not doing things for myself Come on girls; let’s be real here, if you say you haven’t worried about at least [...]

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Are you a Get Smart “Quotinista?”

How many times have you popped onto Facebook or Twitter in a down moment and seen a quote that snapped you out of your funk? I have always been a  lover of words. Constructing them together in a way that moves others is a gift we give to the world. Being an agent of change, [...]

Positive Self-Talk: Weird or Amazing?

Look -- a leaping girl! It's nearly impossible to stare at your Facebook feed and not see some inspirational quote with a girl jumping into mid-air by the beach. "Be like this girl - free and awesome all the time!" I am a quote junkie, and these snippets of time where we actually [...]