Over the past couple of years I have noticed something, girls worry about a lot of things, especially me.

Some days (not all!) my list looks like this:

  1. Boys
  2. Looks
  3. Having to impress others/ not doing things for myself

Scared girl hiding in bedCome on girls; let’s be real here, if you say you haven’t worried about at least one of these things then you are lying. It’s okay to admit that you have worried about this stuff because its normal, but how can you overcome it? Little thoughts and practices each day can make a difference!

Here is what I am doing to help myself stay centered. See what you think!

Top 5 tips to help you overcome those worries

1. Remember: “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” Before you decide to bring another person into the picture, remember to love yourself for who you are first.

2. Confidence is key! Show those boys you are confident in yourself, they find that very attractive!  If you walk around with confidence and you don’t really pay much attention to them, that’s when they want to get to know you the most.

3. Do what makes you feel comfortable, not what others want you to do a. This one is difficult because we all do it even if we don’t know it. Don’t fall into the pressures of your peers because they will walk all over you and take advantage. They might be your “friends” but stick to the real ones. Real ones don’t force you to do things you don’t want to. They keep your secrets. They can be trusted

4. Looks aren’t everything. Be YOURSELF  If you feel more comfortable in sweatpants and a tank top, then girl you go ahead and work it! I’m that girl you see in the hallway that has her hair all-natural or up in a ponytail/bun being all comfortable Yes, occasionally I will do my hair and wear a nice outfit or two a week. If you would rather be comfy then do it! If you want to dress up some days then you can do that too! Be comfortable in your own skin.

5. Don’t be a replica! You were made the way you are. Why be someone you are not? a. If you show people your fake side, they won’t get to know the real you, and SURPRISE: the real you is pretty amazing! Don’t be around people who make you feel less then ordinary. You are strong, unique, and worth it – ALL THE TIME!

Just like FDR stated, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Or even more so, what his wife Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” Go out there and have fun and forget the worries. Why be different when you were born to stand out!

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