dreamingHow many times have you popped onto Facebook or Twitter in a down moment and seen a quote that snapped you out of your funk?

I have always been a  lover of words. Constructing them together in a way that moves others is a gift we give to the world. Being an agent of change, leadership, and miracles takes a constant flow of inspiration. Get Smart is out to empower as many young women as possible to be the leaders that our world is hungry for.

Our obstacles to growth are there as an invitation for us to conquer them and continue to operate at new levels of awareness. Giving up in the face of them actually is an option – just not an inspiring one. Get Smart gals don’t mind being on the front lines, because we are not there alone. We are there together…and we are gracefully taking our place as the leaders we were born to be.

So join us — in a peaceful arming of inspiration. We want you and every young women you know to design an original quote to inspire. It can be about anything: self-confidence, leadership, love, motivation, health, fitness, happiness, change, growth, or anything you can dream of.

We will turn some of the best ones into beautiful pictures bearing your name and the #getsmart for all the world to see.

Are you our next Quotinista? Go ahead – inspire us. We dare you. For this round please enter your quotes by October 30, 2013.

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