Self Care for Superwomen

Get Smart Girls are many things: leaders, volunteers, students, mentors, daughters and sisters, friends and special someones. We are excellent in what we are called to do. We are strong, unwavering rocks of support for our loved ones. We are everyday superwomen, but it’s so easy to forget to turn those superpowers of love and [...]

Sick of Job Hunting? You Need to Read Our 6 Tricks to Job Hunting Success (And Happiness)

Job hunting: two soul-crushing words. For those who quickly get a job, it’s a boring but relatively painless experience. For those that don’t, the feeling of dread at turning on your laptop steadily increases. Day in, day out, you customize your résumé, create cover letters, fill in application forms, and wait for responses. The cynicism [...]

12 Tips for Real Life Roommate Dilemmas

Whether you have siblings and are used to sharing space or not, having roommates will definitely have some ups and downs. Roommates can ultimately be friends for life, people you don’t want to be associated with anymore or anywhere in between. Some friendly tips for dealing with roommates are: Although this may be obvious, if [...]

Get Smart About Your Body: Yours is the Only Opinion That Matters

I am a fat girl. Strictly speaking from the perspective of the fashion industry and mass media, of course. If there is anything I’ve learned from being a young woman living in this society, it is that there are a plethora of meanings and implications assigned to the way a body looks. There are size [...]

Your Family vs. Your Dreams: Seven Questions You Need to Ask

Perhaps it’s about career choices: maybe you want to pursue an entrepreneurial or creative career, or don’t want to attend university. Or it could be about relationships: you might want to get engaged, or to contact your birth parents. Or possibly it’s down to lifestyle choices: perhaps you want tattoos and piercings, or you plan [...]

Insecurities? Don’t Worry!

Insecurities. We all have them. It’s a completely normal thing. Especially in teenagers. I, being a freshman in high school, have many. Some very typical 15-year-old things, others not very common among people my age. But how do I deal with them? Answer—I don’t. (Okay, okay, that was a joke). Here are a few ways [...]

5 Secrets to an Effortlessly Amazing Semester

“How much homework will I have this semester? Will my meal plan last me until the end? This is going to be the hardest semester of my life.” These are all normal thoughts that hound almost every college student at the start of a new semester. If you’re someone who struggles to get into the [...]

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Life is not a Fairytale: Get Smart Now!

When I was younger, I would picture my future to parallel the Disney princesses’. I would meet my Prince Charming in a magical, romantic way and fall madly in love. We would live in a beautiful home surrounded by the classic white picket fence with a huge backyard for our kids and dogs to play. [...]

Meet the new Get Smart GAME CHANGERS!

As a 30-something woman I still can get as ridiculously excited as a 4 year old child. And if there was anything to jump up and down about it's how, in about two weeks, Get Smart has reached young women all across this country and attracted a team of 11 virtual (and some in person) [...]

What is Get Smart?

Get Smart is powerful. Get Smart is fierce. Get Smart is extraordinary. Get Smart has challenged me to awaken the thoughts that are often drowned out by the everyday hustle and bustle of being a 20-something graduate student. My constantly quick pace sometimes results in a lack of honest reflection about who I am and where I [...]