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Look — a leaping girl!

It’s nearly impossible to stare at your Facebook feed and not see some inspirational quote with a girl jumping into mid-air by the beach. “Be like this girl – free and awesome all the time!”

I am a quote junkie, and these snippets of time where we actually let positive words sink in are not to be taken for granted. Have you ever seen the PERFECT quote at the PERFECT time and been sure it was of course EXACTLY design for you to see it?

We have all had those moments of letting positive words sink in. Our minds are machines. We make meaning out of our thoughts, our circumstances, the person we THOUGHT gave us a weird look today at school or work, and everything in between. These little moments can fill our minds with doubt and fear.

I’d like to meet the person who always responds to all life’s events and all people with the internal monologue of “Hey — I am awesome — let everything happen, let everyone say stupid things — I don’t care — I am so amazing I can’t stand it!”

Recently I begun an experiment of listening to several guided positive meditations on a daily basis. They may seem super cheesy — but I started to journal my thoughts and observe my actions.

So..does it work?

It’ wasn’t overnight but recently I’ve begun to FEEL the way the words are guiding me to. I am thinking the positive thoughts about self-love, oneness, and total acceptance of oneself in response to things happening around me.

Our thoughts are more programmed than we think. When we think negative or disempowering thoughts, they are almost always steeped in our PAST which we are dragging along into the present.

I am here to plead with you to TRAIN your BRAIN. The world is full of people who say stupid things, and circumstances outside of our control. Your BEST self emerges in absence of those negative thoughts.

Whether you have to put sticky notes all over your room reminding you of who you truly are, or you listen to guided meditations (search meditation oasis on iTunes – they are free!) SOMETHING to replace old crusty thoughts that are not from today.

It sounds super cliche and silly — but it WORKS. You’ll begin to see the subtle changes over time that will rock your world.

When you BELIEVE something works, it does.

Try me.



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